Sunglasses Frame Shape

  • Pilot Sunglasses

    Signature style of pilots, pilot sunglasses are a style statement eyewear that has been in fashion since their inception in the year 1936. Originally designed for pilots to shield their eyes while flying, they have now become fashion accessories that are loved by both men and women. They feature dark (sometimes reflective) convex lenses in both classic and teardrop shape, held by thin metal frames in metallic or bright and basic hues.

    Available in different sizes and colors to suit everyone’s preference. Pilot sunglasses complement people with oval or square face shapes.

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  • Retro Square Sunglasses

    These are classic square sunglasses designed for men and women. People with oval, round or heart-shaped faces should wear retro square sunglasses to balance their facial features. These sunglasses are available in varied sizes and color options are also unlimited. Whether it is about a sporty look or semi-casual, this style of sunglasses is just perfect. Today, it is one of the biggest styles in the eyewear industry.

    The frames range from metal to plastic and lenses can be customised with coatings like photochromic, scratch resistant and anti-blue coating.

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  • Round Sunglasses

    Ideal for oval, square, oblong and heart face shapes, round sunglasses is all about vintage look. If you are looking for a timeless pair of sunglasses, these can be the perfect ones. Designed using plastic, metal and acetate frames, these sunnies are available in clear white lenses as well as colored ones. Round frame sunglasses are favorite of many celebrities around the world and stand apart because of their charm and edgy design.

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  • Clubmaster Sunglasses

    Clubmaster sunglasses are inspired by the traditional 50s browline frame and were the third bestseller in the 1980s after retro square and pilot sunglasses. Their design is totally iconic and features a thick bold upper frame while the bottom part of the lenses is held by a sleek rim mostly constructed in metal. Designed for men, Clubmaster sunglasses are also available for women in chic feminine patterns and colors.

    This style looks flattering on people with heart or triangle-shaped face. Find it in subtle shades for a simple and elegant look or choose tortoise shell print for an edgy and fashionable look.

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  • Oval Sunglasses

    Coolest of all, oval sunglasses are mostly worn by women but for men too, there is an exclusive range. Those who have square or diamond face shape can wear this shape as the style balances the sharpness of the face by adding some roundness to it and also makes it look slimmer.

    Oval sunglasses come in bold and sleek frame outlining and the popular ones include oversized oval sunglasses for women. They are designed using metal frames as well as plastic frames and tinted lenses. Sizes can range from small oval frames to really big ones.

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  • Wraparound Sunglasses

    Wraparound is a sporty style of sunglasses that gives maximum coverage to the eyes for a better protection against the sun’s UV rays. And, that is why most of the sports sunglasses are designed in this shape. Wraparound sunglasses feature semi-circular frames that take a curved shape around the head for a panoramic kind of view. They can be full frame or half frame in design and are known for a sturdy construction.

    Although, they look a little masculine but they are available for women too. They offer a greater field of vision and are suitable for people with oval, heart and diamond shaped face.

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  • Rectangle Sunglasses

    Rectangle is a popular shape in eyewear. It is unisex, timeless and suits most of the face types. Rectangular sunglasses vary in sizes and sometimes the original shape is also tweaked to give it a new and fresh look. Frames range from sleek to bold ones. Whether you want to buy a modern pair or go for a classic one, you can choose rectangular sunglasses available in plastic and metal frame rim.

    Find this style in different colors, designs and finishes. If your face is oval, round, or heart shaped, then rectangular sunglasses are a must-have.

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  • Cat Eye Sunglasses

    Dramatic, super chic and trendsetters amongst all other women sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses have made a comeback finally. They were popular in the 20th century and that is why they are back again in an all new style. Cat-eye sunglasses feature round frames that flare out at the temple.

    Designed for women, this style is ideal for those who either have diamond shaped face or square shaped face. Because it balances the sharpness of the face and gives a softer appearance. Cat-eye sunglasses come in medium to oversized designs, plain and studded designs and attractive colors and prints.

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  • Butterfly Sunglasses

    Frames with butterfly shape are known as butterfly sunglasses. Designed for women and girls, this style is suitable for those who have square shaped face. They come in all colors and varied designs to give you an instant makeover. The hot-sellers are styles in solid colors, especially black and brown and in animal prints.

    Wider at the corners and narrow at the centre of the nose bridge is what makes butterfly sunglasses the most attractive silhouette ever made. For an ultra-feminine look, you can wear this style all throughout the season. If looking to add a bolder look to your face, opt for embellished ones.

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