Colored Sunglasses with Fashion and Functionality

Tinted lenses are all the rage today. While earlier, there used to be only limited colors in sunglasses lenses like black and brown, today, the options are unlimited. Whether you want to go for a subtle black or a brown or choose flashy colors like orange, pink, red, golden, etc., there is so much to choose from. Tinted lenses look truly fashionable but are even more functional. And, every color is associated with some unique qualities like they reduce glare, offer enhanced depth perception and increase contrast.

If you are a sports lover or someone who likes outdoor activities, tinted sunglasses are for you. But, the color of the lenses depends on the type of your activity. Say, green is best for all kinds of outdoor activities, apt for rainy weather and diffuses all colors evenly.

Where blue and purple lenses minimize glare and improve color perception. Ideal for golfers and spectators, these can be worn in weather conditions like misty, foggy and snowy.

Likewise, other colors like gray, pink, red, yellow, blue, brown and amber also offer you with benefits that basic black lenses don’t. So, browse and choose carefully for a better sports performance.


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