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r+h Lenses

r+h Lenses Now on Coolwinks: Bringing Sharper Vision & Extreme Clarity

About r+h Lenses

Rupp + Hubrach (r+h) is one of Germany’s top 5 optical lens manufacturers. From 1991 to 2016, r+h has been a consistent winner of the ‘Best German Lens Supplier’. An innovation leader in German market, r+h brings its comprehensive range of precision optical lenses for your eyeglasses. r+h Lenses offer utmost sharp, truer and high-quality vision to ensure a comfortable, clearer experience all throughout.

When it comes to eyeglasses, nobody wants to compromise on the quality of lenses. After all, our vision depends on how effective, comfortable and accurate the spectacle lenses are - which is why, r+h Lenses are designed keeping in mind the posture, head tilt, laterality and prescription of the wearer.

Choose from a wide variety of single vision, progressive, photochromatic, sports, driving & computer lenses with anti-reflective, anti-hydrophobic, UV protection and hard-coating options.

Experience great vision with greater comfort with r+h lenses – now available at Coolwinks.com.

Features of r+h Lenses:
  1. high quality precision lenses.
  2. sharper & clearer vision.
  3. unmatched visual comfort.

Types of Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

r+h single vision lenses are crafted keeping in mind the individual vision preferences and requirements. All lenses are power optimized and take natural simulations of eye movements into consideration.

These lenses provide visual acuity even at twilight to people with far-sightedness. For individuals with near-sightedness, these lenses offer a relaxed reading and close-up work experience.

Progressive Lenses

r+h brings personalized precision lenses to give you freedom of movement, a relaxed vision and adjustment-free glasses. Each pair of lenses go through point-by-point power optimization process to minimize optical distortions.

Outdoor/Sports Lenses

For maximum performance during your outdoor and sports activities, choose r+h sports lenses which offer sharper vision and wider field of view. These blocks 100% UV light and are mostly tinted.

Computer Lenses

Designed for a sharper and clearer vision in the digital era, r+h lenses offer better eye focus by reflecting blue-violet light coming from digital devices. In addition, they provide 100% UV protection.

Driving Lenses

With an innovative technology, r+h driving lenses focus on providing larger viewing zones, sharper vision and reduced glare for a relaxed driving experience. These lenses allow the wearer to see details more easily by providing good visibility at all distances.

Lens Coatings Options

r+h significantly exceeds ISO & DIN quality standards when it comes to quality. Stringent quality checks are performed to ensure durability and longevity of the lenses. Many lens coating options are available on Coolwinks.com for you to choose from.