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Reading Glasses

Special eyeglasses for avid readers helping them see and read better.

Reading Made Convenient

Are you not able to read up close without stretching your arms or experiencing headaches often while reading? Then it is time for you get the right reading glasses for yourself. These are special glasses designed to correct vision problems while focusing on closer objects. They come in two styles- full frame and half eyes. While in full frame reading glasses, the lenses are made completely in the reading prescription, the half-eyes glasses sit lower down on the nose just like Ben Franklin style.

Reading glasses

Types of Reading Glasses

  • Computer Reading Glasses- Help you focus on objects in the mid-range viewing distance
  • Bifocal Reading Glasses- Utilize lenses that help you focus on both- distant and closer objects
  • Sun Readers- A combination of tinted lenses for sun protection and reading glasses for vision correction
  • Makeup Glasses- Assist and allow you to see correctly while you are doing makeup

Vision problems are becoming rampant and affecting people of all ages including kids. And most of them fail to realize that they need reading glasses which causes major issues relates to vision health. So, it is always suggested that you visit an eye care professional who will recommend you the right prescription glasses.

Benefits of Reading Glasses

  • Specially made for people who struggle with seeing or reading up close
  • Usually small and so are easy to carry
  • Come in multiple styles, shapes and designs
  • Available as half-eye reading glasses to correct vision for near and distant objects
  • They are not expensive too