Pellucid Photochromic Lenses By Coolwinks

For Greater Comfort, Enhanced Vision, and Reduced Glare

Light-Adaptive Lenses

The shift from an outside to indoor environment often puts you in the problem of swapping your sunglasses to regular eyeglasses. It isn’t convenient. Because, when you are out in the sun, you need protective eyewear to shield your eyes from UV glare and when you are inside a room or a building, you need your glasses to see clearly. This is where photochromic lenses help.

You don’t have to get into the hassles of carrying two separate eyewear with you but only one pair of glasses having photochromic lenses.

Digital Progressive Lenses

About Pellucid Photochromic Lenses By Coolwinks

Made from modern technology and excellent material, Pellucid photochromic lenses ensure enhanced eye protection and vision both in outdoor and indoor environments. Your eyes get the right amount of light irrespective of the weather and lighting conditions, reducing the chances of eye fatigue.

How Do Photochromic Lenses Work?

The tiny molecules of chloride and silver halide inside the lenses get activated when exposed to sunlight. As a result of this chemical change, the molecules change their shape and absorb the light, turning these lenses into an intensely dark shade. The process gets reversed when photochromic lenses are removed from the light exposure and brings the lenses back to their original state- clear and transparent.

Benefits of Using Photochromic Lenses

1. Have the ability to adapt according to the lighting conditions
2. Eliminate the hassle of carrying separate eyewear for vision correction and eye protection
3. Cost-effective
4. Can be worn all day along
5. Offer 100% protection from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays
6. Reduce the risk of developing eye problems like cataract, etc.
7. They are distortion-free, so work even in the rains
8. Ideal for children too
9. Available in different materials- glass, plastic and polycarbonate


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