Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer is applicable when you choose the same brand of Frames in both pairs of eyeglasses. For e.g. If one brand of frame is Graviate, then second brand of frame also should be Graviate.
  2. Offer is applicable only on eyeglasses.
  3. Not applicable on computer glasses and just frames.
  4. Offer can be availed only if you choose the same category of lenses for both the eyeglasses. Like, if you want to buy single vision non anti glare lenses for one pair, the second should also be single vision non anti glare lenses.
  5. In case one product needs to be cancelled, the value of refund would be half the amount you have paid for that entire order.
  6. For example, you bought one pair for Rs.900 and another one for Rs.1000 and paid Rs.1450 in total. You returned the one with the value of Rs.900. In such a case, you will be refunded Rs.725 which is half of 1450.
  7. All other normal T&Cs applicable.
  8. This Offer is Currently Expired

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