Great Tips - How to Clean Your Lens and Filters -

Lens Protection Guide

Cleaning your spectacle lenses regularly will yield a longer life from your spectacle glasses. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go about ensuring longevity of your glasses. We wear our glasses throughout the day but we don’t give much thought about maintaining our glasses. If you have bought anti scratch eyeglasses then you are in for some luck as these scratch resistant glasses last longer and provide a clearer vision against lenses without anti scratch coating.

Some water resistant lenses glasses are excellent for people who live an active lifestyle. They the water resistant coating will prevent sweat from deteriorating anti scratch glasses coating on it.

Steps for cleaning your lenses

  • Before handling your spectacle lenses and removing them from the acetate eyeglasses frames please wash your hands thoroughly with soap to wash off any dirt, grime, oil or cream on your hands. You can use a lint free cloth to dry them after washing
  • Rinse your glasses under some warm water as this will free up any dust and debris stuck to the glasses. Avoid using boiling or hot water. Ensure it’s no more than lukewarm. Hot water may mess up the coating on the lenses.
  • Apply a tiny drop of liquid soap on your lenses and clean the lenses with your finger tip. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents to clean the lens. Our hands are more than sufficient for this job.
  • Gently rub both sides of your uv protection glasses till they are clean and you can proceed to wash them thoroughly.
  • Use a lint free cloth or a microfiber cloth to dry up the lens without leaving any water streak or lint on it.

Whether you use an uv eye protection safety glasses or water resistant eyeglasses the process of cleaning and maintaining it is the same. However if you wear anti scratch eyeglasses with water resistant lens then don’t use liquid detergent or dish washer liquid. They might corrode the water resistant coating on the lens.

If you take proper care and engage in some periodical cleaning of your uv protection for computer they are bound to last your many years. Your glasses will remain beautiful and lend you a clear vision day after day. Feel free to talk to our customer support agents if you need any help in selecting your lenses for your glasses.