• What is your return and exchange Policy?
    CoolWinks is committed to providing you the best quality eyewear products at affordable prices. In the rare case that you are unsatisfied with the product or find it ‘not as described’ on the website or receive it in a damaged condition we allow you to initiate a return within 15 days of your purchase.
  • How to return/Cancel an item purchased on
    Call us on +91-124-4509200 or email us at to initiate a return and confirm the mode of returning the product with our customer care agent.
  • What is your return process online?
    Once the product has been returned to us in it’s original condition we will refund the money back to you.
    1. If you have paid online through a credit/debit card, then the refund will be processed on the same card.
    2. If you paid via Net Banking or Cash On Delivery (COD) option you will be paid via NEFT to your bank account.
    Once you initiate a refund with us we will contact you for your bank details for refund.
  • I’m not sure about the size and fit of the frames, please help me?
    Frames are usually sold in the standard size. If you are unsure about your size please call us on +91-124-444-5800 and our customer support agents will help you with your purchase query.
  • Do I get free returns at
    If you have received a defective product or received your shipment in damaged condition you can opt for a free return. Once the product is shipped back from you we will inspect the item and send you a fresh product immediately. It is customers responsibility to not accept damaged shipment or if the package is already opened. After opening of package if the product is damaged, customer should write or call us at our customer support and log in the issue within on the same date of product received. If customer does not log in the complaint within the time frame mentioned above, then Customer will not get free returns in such cases.
  • How to track my order online?
    When your order gets shipped you can monitor the progress of the shipment using the tracking code provided by the courier company. You will find this information in your accounts dashboard when you login to view your orders.
  • Customer Service Contact Numbers & Hours of Operation?
    You can contact us on our number +91-124-444-5800 or write to us at Our hours of operation are 9 a.m to 6 p.m on Monday to Friday.
  • How many days does it take to get a order from CoolWinks?
    Once you place an order and it has been confirmed we will ship your product within 2-4 days and you should receive your product within 7 days.
  • Do you offer free shipping on all order?
    Yes CoolWinks offers free shipping on all orders above Rs.1299 .
  • How long do I have to exchange or return an item?
    1. Pick-up of Product — Once you initiate return of an item for exchange or refund it takes upto 3-5 days for pickup of the product.
    2. Quality Inspection — Once the product has been received it will be evaluated at our warehouse and this may take upto 2 days.
    3. Post quality check we will call and confirm the return or receipt.
    4. Refund of Money (If applicable to your order) will be cedied
  • How do you ensure that my personal and payment information is secure?
    We use SSL encryption on our website which ensures the information transmitted to our servers are secure. Our third party payment gateway ensures your personal information is never transmitted or sold to anyone. Be assured of your privacy and information related to your transactions when purchasing from CoolWinks.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept Debit card, Credit card, Net Banking and COD as modes of payment.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee? It's True?
    Yes if the product shipped is defective and you would like a refund instead of a fresh product, we will give 100% of your money back.
  • Do you provide itemized receipts?
    Yes we provide itemized receipts on all purchases. You can also check your orders in your account with CoolWinks.
  • Can I speak to a CoolWinks sales person?
    You can call our customer service agents at +91-124-4509200 and they will assist you with any purchase queries you may have.
  • How can I delete my CoolWinks Account?
    If you want to delete your CoolWinks account please call us on +91-124-444-5800 or email us at and request for deletion of your account. It will be processed withing 14 working days.
  • How can I reset my Password?
    If you have trouble logging or you need to reset the password, simply click here and follow the steps to retrieve the password. Please check your email including the spam folder for the password reset email. It will help you create a secure new password for your account with us.
  • How do I know my prescription will be correct?
    If you have your prescription ready with you then you can add that into the purchase memo when placing the order.
  • Can you help me choose a style?
    Please call our customer support agents on +91-124-444-5800 and they will assist you in selection of your frames.
  • How do I measure my Pupillary distance or PD?
    You can measure your Pupillary distance or PD with the following simple steps:
    1. 1. Start by placing a ruler in millimeters on the bridge of your nose.
    2. 2. Have a friend or family member face you at arm’s length.
    3. 3. Have them measure the distance between the center of your pupils. Pupils are the black dots on your eyes.
    4. 4. If you don’t have someone to help you then face the mirror and do it yourself. If you own a pair of glasses currently, try drawing dots on your lenses with a magic marker or highlighter at the exact location of your pupils and measure the distance between them.
  • Can I pay with cash or cheque?
    We have Cash On Delivery (COD) available as a payment option. However, we do not accept cheques.
  • I entered my order wrong. Can I make changes?
    You can cancel your current order and place a fresh order. We will refund you for the payment you’ve made on the incorrect order. If possible kindly cancel your order before we prepare to ship.
  • Do you offer to repair glasses?
    No currently we don’t offer repairs of glasses however we give high discounts so you can purchase new pair of glasses frames at cheap rates.
  • Can I put my refund on a different debit or credit card than I used on the order?
    You can call our customer care and inform us of your request to change your card information for accepting refunds. If the refund has been initiated and payment has been transferred then we are unable to accept any request for change of debit or credit card.
  • I live in one country but want to ship to a different country. Is this possible?
    CoolWinks currently sells and ships products for customers within India. We don’t ship products to any location outside of India.
  • What do I do if my package was damaged?
    If your package was damaged during shipment then you can opt for a refund or return it for another new product. In case the damage is known to customer after opening of the package, then customer has to update coolwinks support with details of the damage on the same date of product delivery. If customer fails to inform us of defect within the above stipulated time, then Coolwinks will not be liable to refund or replace the product.