Don't Know Your Face Shape?Let's help you find that frame which will take your style up a few notches!

Often people find themselves in huge favor of a frame however when they put them on, it doesn't suit them at all. Don't let that happen to you. Your face shape plays a very important role in determining which frame will suit you the most. Here are three easy steps to know your face shape.

Things You'll Need - Mirror & Dry-Erase Marker

  • LOOK
    Tie your hair with a scarf or a handkerchief before this experiment and stand in front of a mirror. Make sure you do not move your face.
    Slowly trace the outline of your reflection with the dry-erase marker. You can take re-trace the same later, on a transparent paper.
    Now observe closely and compare your tracings to the below mentioned face-shapes. You can also take help of a friend here.

Find Your Match

Oval Shape
Oval is often touted as the most versatile face shape. People with oval faces can pull off almost every frame with much ease. However, since this shape is much longer than wider, smaller frames will not appeal much to the looks. Carry stylish oversized shapes or butterfly and wraparounds & lead the runways with your style.
Round Shape
Round faces have fuller cheeks and rounded chin area. Its subtle angles are ever ready for a striking balance of geometric, angular frames. This makes rectangle and cateye shaped faces the best suitors for people with round faces. Also, hyped as the trendiest retro classic, there's no way you would want to miss this.
Heart Shape
With prominent forehead and narrow jaw-line, heart shaped faces exude a striking look with bottom-heavy frames. You can go for round, retrosquare and cateye for best looks. Try choosing frames which are wider to bring a sense of balance to the face proportions. Try picking full-frame eyewear on your next purchase.
Square Shape
When you see someone with a square face, the first thing you notice is their strong jawline and cheek bones. Frames like rectangle or square are a big no-no to wear. Rather choose shapes like round, oval and pilot to add some curves to the face contours. These also help to make the face look a little less boxy.
Suggested Frames
Diamond Shape
Your face shape is considered the rarest of all. With narrow chin and forehead & wider cheekbones, you wouldn't just be satisfied with anything too plain. Which is why, clubmasters are your soul-frames. Try going for round & oval frames to keep the face well-balanced. Invest in prolonged temples for a flattering touch.

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