Eyeglasses Frame Style

  • Full Rim Glasses

    All-time classics, full-rim eyeglasses are a popular style which is suitable for both men and women. They range from cat-eye to round shapes, square to rectangular shapes and also available in other shapes. For spectacle users, full-rim frames are the most preferred styles. And, there are primarily two choices that you will find in these- sleek frames and bold frames but they should be chosen according to the face.

    Although, full rim eyeglasses suit almost everyone but for every face shape, there is a specific style designed. Like for round faces, rectangular and any angular frame is better. Similarly, for other face shapes, there are different full rim glasses frames. Find them in bold and subtle colors along with trendy patterns like tortoise-shell, etc. Ideal for formal and casual look.

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  • Half Rim Glasses

    A little lighter than full rim eyeglasses, half-rim frames give a sophisticated and matured look to the wearer. They are top heavy frames with a rimless bottom. These are also available in all shapes and designs that include- horn-rimmed eyeglasses, rectangular frames, square frames, oval, and wraparound frames. Half-rim eyeglasses are great for a formal look and come in colored frames.

    Due to the upper half frame design, this style gives a striking look the face so, if you want to draw attention towards your eyes or forehead, go for half-rim glasses. But, for thick lenses, half-rim is not a good option.

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  • Rimless Eyeglasses

    Eyeglasses without a frame where in the lenses are directly fixed to the bridge and temples are rimless glasses. A popular style from 1880s till 1960s, they have made a comeback in early 21st century and always a fashionable choice of men and women.

    Despite of popularity of other styles, rimless frames remain as fashion staples. They are even lighter than their counterparts- full-rim and half-rim frames and are prone to a lot of wear and tear as they lack frames that give durability and support to eyeglasses. Also, thicker lenses are not suitable for rimless eyeglasses. These are available in limited shapes like round, oval and rectangular and give a larger field of view.

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