Eyeglasses Frame Shape

  • Pilot Glasses

    If one ever wished to exuberate cool fashion standards to their peers, they wouldn’t have looked far from the ever so charming pilot frames. Styling everyone right from the late 1930s, pilot frames have been a constant show in pop-culture as well. The first choice for many celebrities across the globe, these frames make for a winning pair for those with square-shaped faces.

    A perfect fit for the diverse wardrobe you house, pilot frames ace both the casual & formal look with terrific ease. With its popularity only seeming to rise in the past few years, pilot frames are far from the impasse.

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  • Retro Square Glasses

    Classic frames that complement almost every face type, specially the ones with soft silhouettes like oval, round and heart-shaped faces. Available as full-rim frames, these stylish eyeglasses give a flattering look to both men and women because they are unisex. Retro square is a popular shape which looks great not only in eyeglasses but also in sunglasses.

    You can select these retro eyeglasses from a range of regular and oversized shapes designed in both subtle and bright colors. From sleek to bold, you will find different kinds of retro square frames to suit your preferences and face type. They are a must-have style in your eyewear collection.

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  • Round Eyeglasses

    Suitable for angular faces like square, oval and heart face shapes, round eyeglasses frames are back in trend and seems to be staying for a longer time. Both men and women can wear this style to add a bold look to their face. Find round glasses in small, medium and oversized frames crafted in metal and plastic material.

    Round eyeglasses feature curved frames that have the same width as their height. And, add a softer look to sharp face silhouettes. Great style for a vintage look, this shape is one of the most trending styles that looks good in power eyeglasses as well as sunglasses.

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  • Clubmaster Frames

    Dashing and style enhancers, Clubmaster eyeglasses are best for people with heart and triangle shaped faces. Although, this shape has masculine looks, but the style is now embraced by women too. If you want to draw attention to your forehead or eyes, Clubmaster frames are just perfect, as they have a bold upper part and slimmer bottom, resembling a semi-rimless design in which the lower part of the lenses is secured by a sleek metal rim.

    These stylish eyeglasses frames come in endless colors and designs, but the most popular amongst the lot is tortoise shell pattern Clubmaster frames.

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  • Oval Eyeglasses

    A variation of round eyeglasses, oval eyeglasses have rounded frames that are wider than their height. Best for faces with either square or diamond shapes, these frames give a softer look to the face, balancing the angular shape.

    Find these in full-rim, rimless and semi-rim designs designed mostly in metal to give your face sleeker and subtle look. This shape is quite common in reading glasses but with changing trends, they are available in sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. They give a sophisticated yet stylish appearance to your face and are a great pick for formal themes.

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  • Rectangle Frames

    The unforgettable style amongst all other trending eyeglasses frames, rectangle eyeglasses come in a widest variety that differs in colors, frame material, sizes and design. These angular frames have width more than height and are perfect for people with oval or round faces.

    You can either choose to wear one with sharp-edges for a sporty and sharp look while a pair with rounded edges for a softer look. In eyeglasses, most men and women consider this shape as it is versatile and is timeless. Almost every collection has rectangle eyeglasses so the choices are unlimited.

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  • Cat Eye Glasses

    Vintage style frames, cat-eye glasses are designed for women and exude a distinct style which is dramatic and uber chic. These frames are super stylish and look great in both forms- prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. They are crafted using thick material to give a bold and attractive look to your face. Cat-eye frames are trending these days among women of all ages but look great on those who either have square face or diamond face.

    Since, the style is peppy, the range of colors and printed patterns makes it even popular. Whether it is a formal outfit or a casual one, you can choose from either of the two- solid colored frames or printed frames.

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