Colored Eyeglasses Frames

While shape gives a structure and design to an eyeglasses frame, it is the color which fills it with life and energy. There are unlimited color options available in eyeglasses for men and women. And every shade has its own charm and unique personality. Your frame color also defines you as a person and which mood you are in. From basic black, brown, white and blue, you will find a variety of eye popping colors like bright yellow, red, pink, purple, etc.

Other options include multi-colored and dual toned sunglasses frames. Frame colors are not only chosen on the basis of theme and personality, but they should also be decided according to the complexion of your face. Cool skin complexion is characterised by pink, red or bluish undertones while warm skin tone is characterized by peachy, yellow or golden undertones.

Frame Colors for Warm Skin Tone:-

For a warm skin tone, colors like honey, beige, brown, olive green and light tortoise are perfect. Refrain from black, white and bright colored frames.

Frame Colors for Cool Skin Tone:-

Recommended colors for people with cool complexion are black, silver, purple, blue, pink, mauve, gray and dark tortoise inspired colors.


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