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Essilor Vision Foundation

Providing Improved Vision to the Underprivileged for a Better Future

Established in 2013, Essilor Vision Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in India. We are committed to eliminating poor vision and its lifelong consequences, providing the underprivileged people with the opportunity to live a better life through better sight.

In 2016, the Foundation offered:

  • Free eye checks for over 250,000 children and elderly people,
  • Gave almost 20,000 pairs of eyeglasses to low-income groups and
  • Supported the creation of primary vision care entrepreneurs or opticians in rural areas, such as the Eye Mitra programme.

Working with the Departments of Education and Health, local government and respected partners such as Sankara Eye Hospital and Drishti Eye Hospital, our programmes have spanned 14 states including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, West Bengal, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and others.


Coolwinks is supporting Essilor Vision Foundation, India to help build better and brighter lives for India’s children who cannot afford vision care services and products.

You can support Essilor Vision Foundation, India by making a contribution towards vision care services for underprivileged children. Because, together, we can help children reach their full potential and help them see a brighter future.

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