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We, at Coolwinks, have our own review platform with over 190k+ honest and unbiased reviews, straight from our customers. We believe in connecting with each one of our #CoolShoppers directly. Even though this process requires considerable time and effort, we've never roped-in with any external paid-review platforms, services or websites to write for us.

These genuine reviews are a testimony to our constant efforts and they energize us to improve our services with every passing day.

Coolwinks has always believed in 100% transparency and doesn't tweak or hide negative or miffed feedback. We are always curious to know what our customers did not like as it drives us to do better and ponder on how can we give them an even more amazing shopping experience the next time.

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Gopal Just a good sunglass...... not very good........ CW1103194010703 2019-08-19
Gopal amazing product........ please all customers use this sunglass .,...... this sunglass is awesome CW2006195310840 2019-08-19
Shailendra Dixit Very good. Especially the lenses provided. 5 Star CW0908195619759 2019-08-18
Anna Ghosh Although it's a good product...but it's build quality could have been a little bit better. CW1008195625081 2019-08-18
Manishkumar Vision (Value) for Money CW1208195634799 2019-08-18
Dharmik good one CW0303193941010 2019-08-18
Upputuri uma Mahesh Weight less product good CW1408195640924 2019-08-18
Jai it should be anti scratch but it gets scratch when riding bike and after clean with cloth provided by you it's got scratches all over what kind of anti scratch coating is this CW0408195593129 2019-08-18
Kense Nice product CW3107195580830 2019-08-18
Rajat Great and fits well, amazing!!! CW0708195610877 2019-08-18

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