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We, at Coolwinks, have our own review platform with over 31k+ honest and unbiased reviews, straight from our customers. We believe in connecting with each one of our #CoolShoppers directly. Even though this process requires considerable time and effort, we've never roped-in with any external paid-review platforms, services or websites to write for us.

These genuine reviews are a testimony to our constant efforts and they energize us to improve our services with every passing day.

Coolwinks has always believed in 100% transparency and doesn't tweak or hide negative or miffed feedback. We are always curious to know what our customers did not like as it drives us to do better and ponder on how can we give them an even more amazing shopping experience the next time.

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Anshu Very nice CW1204181075345 2018-04-23
mansi Very good product in this minimal price CW1004181052612 2018-04-23
Meghna Rastogi nice product CW1404181096723 2018-04-23
Jayanth Nice product and quick delivery CW1404181098375 2018-04-23
Desh Ratan Your prices are ambiguous. Displays show prices that in later stages get tax additions. A customer must not be made to rethink of price when they have already made a choice. It causes negative responses. Otherwise your services are at par with other online stores. CW1704181117797 2018-04-23
Mohd Though the service was good but products design are very old CW1404181096777 2018-04-23
Anand I would appreciate if along with the specks one would get the details of the glasses, I mean make and there power CW0804181031132 2018-04-23
Riya i like the product quality. delivered on time and looks nice. thumbs up. CW1404181096634 2018-04-23
vivek good CW1604181114505 2018-04-23
Praveen Super CW1404181095350 2018-04-23