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We, at Coolwinks, have our own review platform with over 57k+ honest and unbiased reviews, straight from our customers. We believe in connecting with each one of our #CoolShoppers directly. Even though this process requires considerable time and effort, we've never roped-in with any external paid-review platforms, services or websites to write for us.

These genuine reviews are a testimony to our constant efforts and they energize us to improve our services with every passing day.

Coolwinks has always believed in 100% transparency and doesn't tweak or hide negative or miffed feedback. We are always curious to know what our customers did not like as it drives us to do better and ponder on how can we give them an even more amazing shopping experience the next time.

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Mukesh Satisfied with frame and really encourage to go with online purchase. CW0712182922093 2018-12-13
Samit Absolutely loved it CW0512182903989 2018-12-13
uttam karak Nice service CW0512182899469 2018-12-13
Shankha no invoice inside the box CW0712182925668 2018-12-13
SHAD Best quality product CW1012182946527 2018-12-13
pratik sangani Good service CW0212182854690 2018-12-13
tapaswini I like it so much . It is so cool. Love it CW0412182882179 2018-12-13
bhargava Nice specs. Delivery also fast,if you are buying from it just go for it CW0512182895622 2018-12-13
Sriraj Fantastic Quality and well crafted lens CW0712182925198 2018-12-13
Shabda Kumar Best CW0512182902854 2018-12-13