Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

Swipe your lenses clean with Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes - the most hygienic solution to keeping your eyewear 100% safe at all times. Keep these pre-moistened, disposable, individually packed lens wipes near you and use them to wipe off any dust, oil marks, smudges or fingerprints on the go.

Note: Due to safety & hygiene measures, Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes are a non-returnable product.

Why Choose Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

  • quick safe

    Quick & Safe

    Keep your eyewear free from any germs using these alcohol-based wipes from Coolwinks. These gently clean any surface and wipe off all dust and dirt marks in a few swipes.

  • UV 400 Protection

    Lightweight & Convenient

    These are super convenient to carry. Just drop a few of them in your bag and clean any surface before touching it including your lens or frame.

  • USB Charging Cable

    Scratch Free Cleaning

    These micro-fine tissues wipe off dirt and dust easily leaving no residue or scratches behind.

  • USB Charging Cable

    Suitable for All Surfaces

    Clean off and disinfect surfaces like phone screens, webcams, laptops, computer screens and all types of lenses easily with all-in-one Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes.

features wipes

Features of Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

  • Safe & Effective
  • Disposable Tissues
  • Easy to Carry & Use
  • Scratch-Free Cleaning
  • Ideal for Most Surfaces
  • Individually Packed Wipes

How To Use Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

  • 1Unfold the wipe to start cleaning the surface.
  • 2Gently move the wet Cleaning Wipes in a circular motion until dry.
  • 3For single use only. Throw the used wipe in the bin after use.

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

  • Patch test before using on coated lenses and glossy surfaces
  • Not designed for cleaning of Contact Lenses
  • Contains isopropyl alcohol. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not reuse the wipes. Dry wipes can scratch or irritate the surface

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