Blue Cut Lenses By Coolwinks

Blue cut lenses by Coolwinks feature a special coating that reflects harmful blue light and restricts it from passing through the lenses of your eyeglasses. Blue light is emitted from computer and mobile screens and long term exposure to this type of light increases the chances of retinal damage. Hence, wearing eyeglasses having blue cut lenses while working on digital devices is a must as it may help in reducing the risk of developing eye related problems.

Harmful Effects Of The Blue Light And Its Solution

Believe it or not, but today, almost everyone is a victim of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition which results from focusing the eyes on a computer or any gadget for prolonged hours. Continuous working on digital screens means focusing and refocusing your eyes back and forth. This leads to eyestrain, dry and sticky eyes. Also, the impact of blue light emitted from digital devices is such that your eyes may have serious and long-term effects on your eyes. But, no matter how much you are used to a modern lifestyle and how much you enjoy working on laptops, tablets, mobiles and computers, it poses a threat to your eyes. Hence, it is recommended to use lenses with blue cut filter coating for a comfortable vision.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Who Needs Pellucid Blue Lenses?

If you are someone who works on digital screen most of the day, then it is important to wear blue light blocking glasses and those who wear spectacles already, they too can opt for special eyeglasses for computer with blue light filter lenses. But, consult your eye care professional before buying a pair of eyeglasses with Pellucid Blue Lenses.

Effect of Harmful Hev Blue Rays on The Eye

Blue Glarespan (380-420nm)
Visual Fatigue (380-420nm)
Macular Cellular Damage (380-440nm)

Harmful Effects of High Energy Blue Light

  • Disrupts the Circadian Rhythm
  • Higher risk of certain types of cancer
  • Higher risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease & Obesity
  • Aggravates Depression
  • May induce Myopia
  • May induce/aggravate Age Related Macular degeneration & even irreversible vision loss
  • Digital Eye Strain Syndrome, Blurry Vision, Aesthanopic & Orthopaedic symptoms
  • Suppresses Melatonin –the sleep inducing hormone, thus reducing the ability to sleep
High Energy Blue Light

Sources of Blue Light

Did You Know?

Source: The Vision Council

Global Eye Strain Statistics

EYES OVEREXPOSED: The digital device dilemma

SOURCE : Global Digital device dilemma

What are Pellucid Blue Lenses by Coolwinks?

Pellucid Blue Lenses by Coolwinks are made with a revolutionary material which by virtue of its material property absorbs harmful UV rays and high energy Blue Light. It is a neutral color-balanced substrate, blended in the lens material while the lens is casted. It is completely normal for lenses to develop a slight tint of yellow over time. It doesn’t alter the inherent properties of the lens material, but ensures a comfortable vision and enhanced protection to the eyes by absorbing UV and high energy Blue light entering the lens.

What Pellucid Blue Lenses by Coolwinks Actually Do

Know Them Better

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Ideal for people who work on digital screens
  • Protect your eyes from harmful blue light, ensuring they stay healthy
  • Offer vision clarity
  • Perfect for all frame shapes and styles

What Pellucid Blue Lenses by Coolwinks Do to Protect Our Eyes?

The blue cut filter coating in Pellucid Blue Lenses cut down the harmful UV rays completely along with a major portion of HEV blue light, protecting our eyes and the body from potential danger. These lenses offer sharper vision and reduce the symptoms of eyestrain that are caused by a prolonged computer exposure. Also, the contrast is improved when this special blue coating reduces screen brightness so that our eyes face minimum stress when exposed to blue light.

What is blue cut anti glare?

Anti-glare blue cut lenses protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light caused by prolonged working hours on a computer, laptop or mobile.

What is a blue light coating?

Blue light coating is a special coating which works by reflecting high energy blue light and restricting it from entering into the eyes. This coating or blue light filter blocks the harmful portion of blue light and allows the healthy portion of blue light to pass through your eyeglasses lenses.

What is blue light filter for?

Blue light filter is ideal for people who work on digital devices for prolonged hours. By restricting the blue light from entering into the eyes, it helps reduce the symptoms of eyestrain (dry and sticky eyes) resulting from screens of digital devices. Also, lenses with blue cut coating offer a comfortable vision and may improve visual performance in low color contrast.

What is the price for blue cut lenses in India?

In India, you can buy blue cut lenses online at at a price as low as INR 1190.

How to buy eyeglasses with blue cut lenses?

While buying sunglasses frame, go to- Select Your Lenses. Under Digital Screen Protection, select 'Blue Cut Lenses' from the drop down menu. These are available for INR 1190.

Why do blue-cut lenses develop a slight yellow tint over time?

Since blue-cut lenses absorb harmful UV rays and high energy Blue Light, a slight yellow tint may develop over time. This is completely normal and does not affect the efficiency of the lenses at all.


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