• Your Go To Guide to Buying Titanium Eyeglasses

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 27, 2017, 4:09 p.m.
  • Your Go - To Guide to Buying Titanium Eyeglasses
  • We all know that when it comes to durability, there’s no better alternative than a titanium frame. Titanium eyeglasses are a popular choice for its strength, style, malleability and comfort. Available in various designs, shapes and styles, titanium gives the users the freedom to own a statement piece which complements their personality in every way. Here’s everything you should know before buying titanium eyeglasses.


    1. Durable: Titanium is a durable metal which can be used as an alloy or in its pure form. Its properties make this material suitable for automobile, industrial and even military uses. Because of its light weight, titanium eyeglasses are a must have when you wish to own a long-lasting eyewear.



    2. Hypo-allergenic: These are hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for all skin types. People with active lifestyles can rely on titanium frames as they will not react with skin or cause allergies. Titanium eyeglasses are heat-resistant and do not rust with perspiration or moisture even when they are left in a hot and humid setting like under the Sun or in the bathroom.


    hypo allergenic

    3. Pliable: Titanium frames bend without breaking, which makes them a highly flexible material for daily use. This quality also helps to create great contemporary styles with the same strength and pliability. These have high memory and do not change its shape even after prolonged use. This property of titanium makes its highly suitable for thin and feather light eyewear.



    4. Light-weight: If compared to steel, titanium is almost 40% lighter, however, offers the same strength. Although its composition is denser than regular aluminum frames, however, much more lasting and stronger. People who are on the look-out for wire frames, should opt for titanium frames, as they can be very chic and fashionable while being sturdy at the same time.


    light weight

    5. Prescription Friendly: People with high prescriptions must go for Titanium frames as these can also accommodate thick lenses and offer great support and strength. These are easily colored in various attractive choices which makes them perfect for fashion-conscious people.


    prescription friendly

    The utmost convenience and adaptability of titanium eyeglasses makes them very versatile. Available for both men & women, you can opt for rimless eyeglasses, thick or thin frames with titanium material from Coolwinks.com from brands like Graviate and XSTYL and enjoy a trendy look every day!

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