• Your Daily Brew & Its Effect On Your Eyes

  •  Manish  | : Oct. 13, 2020, 1:08 p.m.
  • your daily brew and its effect on your eyes
  • Coffee and tea are the two most consumed beverages in the world. Almost everyone likes to start their day with a cup of fresh tea or coffee. Both contain caffeine that stimulates the brain and helps us to keep active. But what we don’t know that it also affects our vision. Consumption of caffeine in large quantities has a negative impact, both long and short term, on our vision and eye health. In this blog, we shall learn about them:


    Long-Term Impact of Caffeine


    People who drink three or more cups of tea/coffee per day are at a greater risk of suffering from glaucoma. This eye disease is identified by high pressure on the optic nerve that leads to the reduced field of vision, even leading to blindness in severe cases. Consuming three or more cups of tea/coffee per day can lead to the accumulation of deposits in the eyes. This condition is known as exfoliation. This condition increases the risk of developing glaucoma.


    long term impact of caffeine


    Short-Term Impact of Caffeine


    Just like everything else, caffeine is okay when consumed at a moderate quantity. But when over-consumed, it can cause a sudden increase in the blood sugar levels, leading to jumping eye or blurred vision. Drinking too much caffeine can also result in a burning sensation. It also increases the risk of dry eyes leading to inflammation. These symptoms can cause discomfort and hamper our day-to-day activities.


    short term impact of caffeine


    It has often been observed that people working late at night consume several cups of coffee/tea so that they can stay awake and complete their tasks. While working with the digital screen, the blue light emitted makes their eyes heavy by inducing fatigue.


    One easy way to avoid all such eye problems is by wearing high-quality computer eyeglasses from online eyewear sites such as Coolwinks.com would keep your eyes protected from the impact of blue light and let you work freely. And thus, you won’t have to consume an excess of caffeine to stay awake.

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