• Why Tortoise Frames are the Coolest Trend Ever

  •  Manish  | : Feb. 7, 2018, 5:42 p.m.
  • tortoise frames eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • The ones who already own it, know how compelling tortoise eyeglasses and sunglasses are. Once you have one, you’d want them all in your eyewear wardrobe. Tortoise frames are one of the most popular trends today. They look royal, cool, retro, geek-chic and luxurious - all at the same time. Available in various colors and patterns, tortoise frames would give you that exclusive edge over others in an instant. If you still don’t have them, here’s why you should –


    1. One Trend Suits All:


    Tortoise frames are designed to suit everyone. Both men and women, with any skin tone, face type or hair color can wear them. It is a universally flattering style which you can gracefully pull off without worrying what season it is and what’s trending around – as these become your perfect everyday staple from the moment you have them.


    one trend suits


    2. Perfect for All Kinds of Eyewear:


    Get tortoise sunglasses for every time you step outside In the Sun or pick some tortoise eyeglasses frames if you need new glasses. Have them customized into prescription sunglasses or wear them as computer glasses if you work a lot on digital screens. They are widely available as bifocal and progressive eyeglasses too. The choices are bountiful so that you never have to compromise on style and quality. These are available in all types of eyewear to complement your personality to the fullest.


    all kinds of eyewear


    3. Brings Plethora of Shapes & Sizes:


    You can find tortoise frames in various popular shapes ranging from round, square, cat-eye, rectangle, oval, clubmaster etc. and in all variety of sizes. From thick frames to slim profiles, choose from many cool and classic options for yourself for every occasion.


    brings plethora of shapes


    4. Get Spoilt for Choice with Accents


    The most intriguing part of a tortoise frame is its appealing accents of warm and light color tones, which distinguishes it from other frames. A trend that emerged in 1920s, when these frames were crafted using real turtle/tortoise shells is still raging in the millennial era. The shells are now replaced by more versatile and vastly available acetate material which has made this style even more accessible and affordable. You can find many new patterns and accents of colors nowadays to team your fashion-favorite outfits with these elegant tortoise frames.


    get spoilt for choice with accents


    Shop from Coolwinks.com for a wide range of trendy tortoise eyewear styles and be the diva or dapper of your group!

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