• Why is it Important to Buy Correct Eyeglasses for Face Shape?

  •  Manish  | : Jan. 4, 2017, 4:41 p.m.
  • why is it important to buy correct eyeglasses
  • When it comes to wearing eyeglasses, other than being a necessity, it gives a great scope to experiment with your looks. To do full justice to your fashion sense, you need to awaken the fashionista in you. Collect information on eyeglasses shapes and how to choose the right frame. Buy eyeglasses for face shape online and choose from a variety of options. Get prescription eyeglasses online on discounted price.


    What are different types of face shapes and eyeglasses for face shapes?


                                                      Oblong face shaped:

                          oblong face shaped glasses

    • An oblong face is rectangular in shape, longer than wider. Normally, oversized frames work with this face type. If you are looking for glasses for long face shape, go for larger wraparound and rectangular frames. Eyeglasses with thick frames will also work. You can also go for Wrap, square and shield. All these frames will look good on the oblong face. However, avoid small frames for your face shape.                                               

                                                      Diamond face shaped:

                         diamond face shaped glasses

    • This face shape has narrow forehead and jaw with wide cheekbones. Rimless and oval shaped frames work with this face type. Try frames with gentle curves and the ones that are not wider than your cheekbones.

                                                      Heart face shaped:

                        heart face shaped glasses                             


    • The widest part of this face shape is the temple area and the narrowest part is the chin. The recommended frame shapes for this face shape are a shield, butterfly, wraparound, rimless and cat-eye styles.

                                                      Triangular face shaped:

                        triangular face shaped glasses

    • They have prominent jawlines that appear wide or full. The forehead is broader with a small or narrow chin. This looks very youthful face shape. People with triangular face shapes looks younger than their actual age. Go for frames that are wider at the bottom or a frame that is the same color all along. Pick up frames made of light materials.


                                                      Square face shaped:

                              square face shaped glasses

    This face shape has almost same length and width. Foreheads are broad with fuller jawline. Oval or round shaped lenses look good on square face shape. Also, retro themed butterflies shaped frames.


                                                      Round Face Shaped:

                             round face shaped glasses

    Do you have a round face shape? Check out our awesome tips for all of the best glasses for round faces.

                                                      Rectangle Face Shaped:

                           rectangle face shaped glasses

    Finding the perfect rectangle face shape glasses can be difficult, so get from here how to choose glasses for rectangle face shaped.


    What are top brands of eyeglasses online?


    • EBD: The brand makes premium quality frames that are one of the best when it comes to looks, comfort and durability. This brand scores higher in all these criteria. They are famous for their oblong face shape eyeglasses.
    • XSTYL: Their eyeglasses for men and women are quite trendy and comfortable to wear. They offer more than 300 styles to choose from. They come in more than 17 frame colors and about 6 different frame shapes including triangular face shape.
    • GRAVIATE: This is new brand of eyeglasses. Their glasses are extremely stylish and trendy. They make frames for both men and women. Their glasses including heart face shape frames are mostly inspired by classic styles.


    Keep these tips in mind before purchasing eyeglasses for face shape online


    • To choose the right frame, measure the dimensions of your face in front of a mirror. Measure cheekbone, jawline, face length and forehead width using a measuring tape.
    • Buy eyeglasses for face shape and surprise everyone with your new and stylish look.

    Buy online from websites like Coolwinks.com that offer great discounts and free shipping on all products sold by them.

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