• Why Anti Glare Glasses For Computer are an Excellent Investment

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 11:39 a.m.
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  • Eyeglasses worn for use when you work on your computer are essentially special-purpose glasses. These anti-glare glasses for computer are built to reduce the glare from computer screens. They generally increase contrast and make it easier for you to view the screen during prolonged usage or long working hours. They also maximize your view and reduce strain on your eyes from extended viewing of the computer screen.


    Reading glasses for computer have specially made anti reflective coating which reduces glare. Choose a high quality computer eyeglasses prescription as it can make a world of a difference.


    • A high quality coating will last you many years.
    • Cheap coatings on computer eyewear will attract finger prints and smudges easily.
    • High quality eyeglasses for computer users won’t require regular cleaning.
    • UV protection glasses for computer are now available which not only prevent eyestrain but you can wear these prescription eyewear and head outdoors as well.
    • Coating can be a bit expensive but they are totally worth the money paid.


    Some eyeglasses for computer users come with a yellow tint. It’s because yellow tints generally enhance the contrast and filters out the spectrum of light which is harsh or uncomfortable to your eyes.


    Recent research has revealed that many users who wear anti-glare computer glasses prefer to wear coated lenses over non-coated lenses. Some even prefer transition lenses which also work very well in such scenarios.


    • Getting computer eyeglasses online is a no-brainer due to the ease of online shopping.
    • There’s no need to rush to a retailer and waste half your day in traffic and hunting for a decent pair of eyewear.
    • Computer eyeglasses prescription can be bought as long as you have an existing prescription for spectacle lenses. The same can be used for purchasing these glasses.
    • Please note: contact lenses and prescription lenses will differ in their prescription.
    • Upgrading your computer monitor from CRT to LCD will also help in reducing eye strain.
    • Choose a larger display and if you have a desktop computer then buy a monitor with a screen size of at least 20 inches.


    Buy anti-glare computer glasses online in India


    Increasing consumer demand and ease of shopping online has ensured one can buy any item on the internet. At Coolwinks we have introduced anti-glare glasses for computer in our store. You can buy high quality computer glasses for eye strain at reasonable prices with free shipping and cash on delivery to pin-codes across the country.


    Wearing these eyeglasses will greatly reduce your eye strain. Take care of your eyes by adjusting your habits at work by taking regular breaks and staring away from the computer a few times in an hour. This will alleviate stress and also ensure your productivity isn’t hit.


    If you have other vision problems, it would be wise to visit an optometrist for a consultation and if you are advised to computer glasses for eye strain you can always purchase online at discounted prices with a discount coupon from Coolwinks.

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