• Which Glasses to Pick if You Have a Round Face Shape

  •  Manish  | : April 5, 2017, 11:50 a.m.
  • which glasses to pick if you have a round face
  • A round silhouette with full cheeks, rounded chin and equal length and width characterize a round face shape. If you have too have a round face then, as a spectacle wearer, you must know which spectacle frames to choose to balance the roundness of your face. Buying glasses for round face shape female might seem easy but if you go by the right way, it is not. You need to keep many things in your mind to get that right pair and look great.


    Frame Styles Suitable for Round Face


    You have a round face with softer angles in the brow and jaw lines. So, you should choose strong angular shapes like rectangular ones. This means your frame should be more in width than in depth. If you do not like to wear boxy silhouettes, then you can also try rectangular frames with little rounded corners to bring focus on your eyes. On the other hand, choose frames with decoration at the temples.


    How Do They Work?


    If you are thinking why rectangular frames are a perfect choice for your round face, then here is how they work. A rectangular shape balances the roundness of your face by making it appear longer and slimmer. Frames that are narrow and rectangular and have brow bars create an illusion of length and defines overall shape by pulling the eyes upward.


    Try to Avoid


    Even if you love wearing round or curvier eyeglass frames, it is hard to accept that they are not the right choice for your face shape. Because, wearing small or round shapes, and for that matter-oversized frames, makes your face appear even rounder. So much roundness is unflattering so why take a chance.


    You can buy rectangular frames online available in various designs and colors. Not only you can shop glasses for round face shape female and male, but those with other types of face shapes can also find their suitable frames.


    At Coolwinks, there is a complete range of eyewear for both men and women. You can choose multiple frame shape, which suits on your face from top brands and in affordable prices. Select from a range of classic and fashionable styles and buy according to your personal preference.

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