• What Shape of Eyeglasses Will Look Good on My Face Shape [Infographics]

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 23, 2016, 6:31 p.m.
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  • Always buy frames that will suit your face shape and help you make the best style statement. The right choice of frames can make you a true head turner and can give you looks that guarantee the maximum number of compliments. So, what are you waiting for, be a style icon among your circle of friends, colleagues or family members?


    how to determine sunglasses according to your face shape


    Round Face Shape


    Round face shape lacks properly defined angles and only has noticeable curves on their faces. This face shape has full cheeks, wide forehead and round chin. To get the best looking frame you should go for frames shapes that have well-defined angles in them like the rectangular or square face frames. These frames give the perfect contrast of angles to the angle-less round face. Avoid round frames they will only accentuate the roundness of the face.


    Oval Face Shape


    Oval face shapes are slightly round and have balanced features. If you have oval face shape, you can pretty much try most shape of frames, as almost all frame shapes look good on this face shape. However, it is better to avoid extremely large or small frame sizes. We recommend wear rectangular shapes, square frames and retro cat-eye also round frames. Keep experimenting with your looks with different designer frames.


    Rectangle Face Shape


    The rectangle face shape is longer in length and narrow in width. These long and narrow face shapes often have a square shaped jawline. Over-sized sunglasses and sunnies with thick frames are ideal for you. To become a head turner, choose from multicolored and branded rectangular and square shapes. Also, you will look stylish in wraparound and shield frames. Oblong faces must avoid small frames; these will not look good on your face type.


    Heart Face Shape


    The heart face shape is also known as triangular face shape. Their widest part is the temple area and narrowest is the chin area. You have wide foreheads, narrow chin and high cheekbones. It is called heart shape because the upper part face is wider and the lower part that is the chin is narrow and pointed. You can wear clubmaster, cat-eye, shield and butterfly frames. Go for light color frames and frames with the tortoise or floral pattern.


    Diamond Face Shape


    If you have diamond face shape, you must know it is the rarest of all face shapes. This face shape has a narrow forehead and a pointed narrow chin. Also, the widest part of the face is the cheekbones. Try frames that emphasize eyes but don’t go for frames wider than your cheekbones. The frames that will look good on this face shape are oval, rimless, semi-rimless and cat-eye frames. You can wear clubmaster, that has strong brow lines. Avoid thin and narrow frames.


    Square Face Shape


    Square face shape obviously almost same in length and width. The face has full cheekbones, broader forehead and chin. You have well-defined angles in your face shape.  The frames that will look good on your face must lack the angles and should have prominent curves. Your best bet will be oval and round frames. Butterflies frames will also look good on you. Avoid angular frames like square and rectangular ones.


    Cat Eye Frame Shape


    This is an all-time favorite style for ladies. It is a true vintage style that has always been in fashion from the time it was created for the first time. The feminine feline shades guarantee to give you a chic look that is so sexy and lets you show your naughty side to the world. These timeless frames look good on all face shape and go equally well with formal and casual dresses. Only avoid over accessories with the cat eye frames.


    Butterfly Frame Shape


    These frames resemble butterfly and are a retro vintage style. These frames are generally oversized hence it covers your eyes better and gives you full protection from sun rays. In case you have a big sized nose, wearing butterfly frames will look good on you as it will shift the attention of viewers to the frame. These frames look good on square and heart shaped faces. All top brands have their own collection of butterfly frames for women.

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