• What can make your eyeglasses stand apart?

  •  Manish  | : June 13, 2019, 5:44 p.m.
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  • We all want to be one of a kind. It can be a particular set of skill, prowess in sports, a knack of chasing down targets with ease or just the temperament for which one gets much of the accolades – we want to be tagged for things which define us the best. But, what if we told you that your eyeglasses or your “oh-so” boring looking specs can motor up your reputation as a celebrity worth on a lookout for? Yes, we certainly can be of help to view your specs in a whole new light. How’s that you ask? It’s the pointers which you can count on your tips and will let your eyewear headline your presence in ways you never thought were possible before. Here we go.


    Always chose lightweight material frames


    Heavy frames in due course of time start to take a toll on your lifestyle and before you know it, you’ll look for better ways to deal with your daylight hours when putting your glasses on. The best way to avoid such predicament is to go for lightweight material frames made of acetate, TR90 or titanium. If you are a fan of the classy steely looking frames then make sure that the new lightweight steel options are the one in your bucket list. These frames not only make up for an easy wearing experience but also bestow a new perspective on how can eyeglasses be more than a vision assisting gear.


    lightweight material frames


    Choose attractive colors & patterns


    The dull look which was synonymous with the age-old adage of having heavy-handed specs in basic colors is no more the universal truth. Ever since the 70s which has been widely regarded as the “pivot of change” in human lives – fashion, too, has slowly reinvented itself. Switch to now and you have different patterns & mix of colors on the offer. With vibrant hues now overtaking the monotonous look of the glasses, one can now relate to their more happening side in a matter of seconds.


    attractive colors and patterns


    Go for more audacious frames


    Earlier, people relied on more basic frames to carry on with their day. The usual suspects in the form of round & rectangle frames were the chart-toppers and were considered more reliable options from a style perspective. But the barriers were meant to be broken and it was only a matter of time that the shapes which had their strong footing in the realm of sunglasses successfully transformed themselves as a go-to choice for eyeglasses as well. Now frames like pilot, cateye & oval have found a substantial chunk of admirers ever since their breakthrough on the screen. Dispensing out a more swagger outlook, these audacious frames have reinvented the all so urbane approach to pulling off a look with a gear.


    more audacious frames


    Your confidence is the key


    It’s the secret ingredient to the Willy Wonka’s chocolate as well. ‘You’ are the key on which everything depends. Often you see the A-listers pulling off their classical look with much-admired gusto for which they are known. Similarly, your belief in your own outlook will drive your fashion goals home. Reflect your aura in the glasses you wear and the rest will take care of itself. Trust us with this and you’ll have pretty much everything with your eyeglasses sorted out.

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