• Vacations and Sunglasses

  •  Manish  | : May 14, 2018, 3:22 p.m.
  • vacations with sunglasses
  • It’s the season of summer and we all are in a quick mood to get out and set the plan in motion. With all the talks of your itinerary and places to check on your bucket list, one thing we always have on our mind is the shopping we got to do before we let our inner wanderer out and set it free in the wilderness.  Now, with that being said, we know that it is simply impossible to live without the most important gear when we step out in the heat. Yup, you guessed it right. Our beloved sunglasses.


    With the constant evolution of our day-to-day lifestyle, we sure do have to make a wise choice when it comes to picking your ideal suit. So, in the midst of your web search for the perfect sunglasses if you happen to stumble upon this blog, well, you’re in for a good read for a couple of minutes (could be more if you’re a noble soul who shares the article for the global good :D ). So, without much ado let’s dive right in.


    Packing for the mountains


    Probably the best getaway from the city heat waves is in the scenic beauty of mountain peaks. With loads of picturesque locales and adventure sport on offer, the Wraparound sunglasses become your ideal choice. With sporty design and lenses providing ample protection for eyes, these shades keep your fashion intact no matter how many adventures you plan. So, whether going for an uphill trek or packing your way with a downhill raft, your style stays second to none.


    /packing for the mountains


    A stroll down the shore


    If exotic locales and a walk down the beach is your thing, then you simply head on to the south donning the cool looking Retro squares and Clubmaster shades. With the simple laid-back ambience fitting perfectly with the old-school charm & rich heritage of their own, these sunglasses will blend in with the lush scenery by the beach. Oh, those evening walks along the coast will ever be so pleasant again. 


    stroll down the shore


    Drifting across the globe


    Well, if your plan accounts for a plane ticket across the continent, then the universal appeal of Pilots and Cat-eye sunnies will hardly be matched by anyone. With aesthetics making you look like a celebrity on a vacation, you’ll find yourself at your most splendid - for all the gorgeous shots out there. With a global panache at your hands, you certainly won’t feel out of place.


    drifting across the globe

    So, get ready for a shopping spree! Then again, if you want to be spoiled for choices, simply log on to coolwinks.com and pick the sunglasses which gets you the most exceptional appeal. After all, even on breaks style does matter.

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