• Tricks To Avoid & Tackle Under Eye Darkness

  •  Manish  | : Aug. 13, 2020, 1:20 p.m.
  • under eye darkness
  • Dark circles under the eyes have become quite a common thing due to our present fast-paced lifestyle. These dark circles are usually accompanied by baggy eyes, together making you look aged. In this blog, we would learn what causes them and how to avoid/tackle these dark circles.


    Some Causes Of Dark Circles


    By learning about the causes, you would get the idea of some of the things that you should avoid so that you don’t have dark circles.


    Genetics: Dark circles that are directly related to genetics cannot be reversed or removed. However, if you work upon them, you might be able to reduce them. Often, any skin related or some other ailment such as thyroid can also lead to dark circles.




    Stress & Sleeplessness: This is something which we all face, especially those who are always stuck in their busy schedule. Stress & lack of a proper amount of sleep can lead to dark circles. The same applies to people who also smoke & drink a lot, which hampers their sleeping schedule.


    stress and sleeplessness


    Lack of proper water intake: Dehydration is a common cause for dark circles. When the body does not receive an adequate amount of water, the skin under the eyes begins to look saggy, dull and dark.


    lack of proper water intake


    Extended computer hours and lack of proper diet are also some of the reasons for the appearance of dark circles.


    Home-Based Remedies For Dark Circles


    Cold Compressions: Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than cold compressions. You can do it twice a day. You can do so by applying sliced cucumber on your eyes. Cucumber has skin lightening properties which can go a long way in keeping your eyes fresh-looking. Cold green tea bags can also be used for applying cold compressions.


    cold compressions


    Tomatoes/Potatoes: Combine 1 tsp tomato/potato juice with ½ tsp lime juice and apply the mixture using a cotton ball. Tomatoes & Potatoes are said to be excellent for the skin as well as eyes and lemon is a great lightening agent.


    Dairy Products: When combined with turmeric powder & formed a paste, dairy products are a rich source for vitamins. These are great for skin, thus, making them look young and bright. Try pairing it with milk or yogurt for best results.


    dairy products


    Rose Water & Almond Oil: Apply rose water under your eyes and let it air dry. You can also soak a cotton ball in the same and use it on your eyes for 15 minutes. Once done, apply two drops of almond oil under and around the eyes and give it a light massage for best results.


    rose water and almond oil


     Following these home-based tricks go a long way in caring for your eyes and prevent any further dark circles. If you spend a lot of time outside or while working in front of computers, what you do need is a perfect protection for your eyes. Wearing computer glasses & high-quality sunglasses would ensure that your eyes stay safe from the impact of bad blue light and harmful UV rays which can contribute to dark circles.


    So, grab them from Coolwinks today & follow these beauty tips to reduce dark circles.

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