• Top Eyeglass Frames For Women That are a Must Buy in 2016

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 1:28 a.m.
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  • Eyeglasses frames for women are some of the highest selling eyewear in the online market today. Women are resorting themselves to purchasing only the best quality items. To look your best one needs to be groomed perfectly. Eyeglasses frames for women are the perfect accessory that not only aids in improving your vision but gives you that professional outlook that you desire the most.


    Women tend to be more budget conscious than men. This is because women generally look for value for money products when they are out shopping in the online market. Women’s spectacle frames are not simply dictated by fashion or price alone. They have to be sturdy, lightweight and reliable.


    There are several brands in the online market that are excellent but only one comes out on top. But before we reveal the brand, here’s a bit of useful advice for selecting your eyeglass frames.


    Tips for selecting eyeglass frames for women


    • Most people either have a cool or warm skin tone and eyeglass frames have to be bought keeping this in mind.
    • Women look best in their base skin tone so when you are selecting the color of your sunglasses keep that in mind. However, contrasting is a good option too.
    • Any eyewear that you buy must compliment your skin tone and that’s very important.
    • Skin, eyes and hair determine the color palette for your eyeglass frames for women.


    How to the best glasses frames for women?


    • Ensure that the frames are made out of good quality of plastic, metal, acetate or even Titanium in some cases.
    • If you have a sensitive skin, then its best you go for frames made of acetate or Titanium as this will prevent any possible skin infections that may occur.
    • Acetate and Titanium are known for their hypoallergenic properties.
    • Metal frames are also relatively safe but some people get allergic reactions from just about anything.
    • Lightweight and sturdy frames are your best bet if you wear your eyeglass frames for long duration.
    • You can order your glasses frames with prescription lenses for vision correction properties.


    Is there any additional cost of adding prescription lenses in eyeglass frames?


    However, when you buy online from Coolwinks.com you won’t have this problem. Coolwinks doesn’t necessarily charge any extra amount from its customers and hence you will never pay anything more than a fair price for eyeglass frames and lenses purchased from our website.


    EBD Eyeglasses frames for Women


    From the fashion hub of America comes this iconic brand; EBD. Known for their trendy and contemporary design, this is a new brand launched by the giant in eyeglasses industry across the world.


    EBD makes high quality eyeglass frames for women which are lightweight and feature packed. They last really long and the prices are affordable and great value for your money. See the latest ebd eyeglasses collection on Coolwinks and select your favorite pair today at a discount.

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