• Top 5 Pilot Sunglasses for Men in India

  •  Manish  | : March 6, 2017, 4:19 p.m.
  • top 5 pilot sunglasses for men in India
  • Pilot sunglasses for men are some of the highest selling products on any online marketplace selling eyewear. It is due to their immense popularity for being on the most sought after type of sunglasses frames in the country. They are stylish and extremely good-looking. They are known for completing your casual look and giving you that perfect image you always wanted.


    Pilot sunglasses for men were designed when American military pilots needed to cut the glare from their eyes when flying at high altitudes.


    • The First World War necessitated need to improvements in vision care for men.
    • Pilots needed to protect their eyes against the sun.
    • UV protection was not as advanced as it is today.
    • Men’s pilot sunglasses cover a large portion of the face around your eyes preventing sunlight from entering your eyes.
    • Flight cockpits do not offer any protection against the intense sunlight at high altitudes.
    • Pilots often returned back home with their pilot frames and it increased the popularity for these glasses.


    What is a fair price for pilot sunglasses for men?


    Many mens pilot sunglasses are priced from around Rs. 500 onwards. You can buy these sunglasses in various shapes and sizes.


    • Square pilot sunglasses are popular with people with round face shapes as it brings out the best features of their face.
    • Best pilot sunglasses for men come with anti-glare coating, which reduces glare from the sun.


    Tips for purchasing pilot shaped shades


    • Shop mirrored pilot sunglasses with anti-glare coating. They are also known as polarized.
    • Best-polarized pilot sunglasses are those that conform to the size and shape of your face perfectly.
    • It is always best to buy pilot sunglasses for men which suits your face shape and not specific to the outfit worn by you on the day.
    • Pilot sunglasses for men are more popular than other frame styles such as retro square or sporty eyewear.
    • Shopping online has many great benefits such as free shipment of product and COD.
    • You can try shopping online and get a good deal using discount coupon code that Coolwinks offers on their website on a weekly basis.
    • Buy branded polarized pilot sunglasses with latest trends of sunglasses for men 2016 at low rates online.


    Top brands in pilot shaped sunglasses in India?


    Foster Grant, Reebok, LA Express, JRS and Safe Riders are the top sunglasses brands in India. You can buy pilot sunglasses for men from these brands as well as polarized prescription sunglasses India.


    Why pilot Coolwinks for square shape online purchases is the best?


    Coolwinks provides discounts on black pilot sunglasses and square pilot sunglasses. Black pilot sunnies are one of the most highly sold products on their site. See the latest signature collection from Foster Grant being sold at a discounted price. You can use these coupons to get a further discount on eyewear sold on their site. They are a dedicated online seller to buy pilot sunglasses in India.

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