• Top 5 Monsoon Eye Care Tips

  •  Manish  | : July 9, 2018, 2:48 p.m.
  • monsoon eye care tips
  • Every year, as much as we eagerly wait to see the lovely monsoon showers, we also witness various eye problems which can ruin the whole experience for us. Common conditions like red eyes, itchiness, stye and swollen eyes are very prominent at this time of the year. Both adults and children should take proper care to keep their eyes safe from monsoon ailments. Coolwinks shares some important tips to help you get through this season & enjoy it too!


    1. Practice Good Eye Hygiene


    During the monsoons, it is utmost necessary to keep your eyes clean and dirt free. Wash your eyes with cold water couple of times in a day to keep the germs away. In case you drench yourself, wash your face and hands & give special attention to the eye area to get rid of any residual from the rain.


    eye hygiene


    2. Switch to Eyeglasses


    Although the idea of wearing contact lenses might entice you to skip your glasses behind, however, in case something gets into your eyes during the monsoon showers and winds, there’s no escaping from severe eye irritations or infections especially if you have those lenses in. So, take the safer route & resort to your eyeglasses.


    switch to eyeglasses


    3. Blink Often


    Monsoons can easily cause dry eyes. Blinking often will help you keep the eyes feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. Of course, drinking plenty of water goes hand in hand for healthy eyes. Following the 20-20-20 rule is also a great way to relax the eyes if you are usually occupied gazing digital screens and displays.


    blink often

    4. Try #NoMakeup Days


    Eyes are quick to catch an infection from your make-up products. In fact, any minute particle when comes in contact with dust or allergens can trigger allergies. So, skip your make up routines for a while and give your beauty-boxes a time-out.


    no makeup days


    5. Fight Infections


    In case of stye, use hot compress to release the pus and decrease swelling. For conjunctivitis, skip sharing any clothing which comes in contact with your eyes e.g. tissues and towels & avoid touching the infected area. Wash your hands often to dodge any further irritation. Wear branded sunglasses every time you head outside to keep bright light and dust particles from reaching the eyes.


    fight infections

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