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  • Top 5 Branded Sunglasses for Women in India

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 1:12 a.m.
  • Sunglasses are the best accessory for women to protect their eyes against the sun. Branded sunglasses for women are the hottest selling items on any e-commerce website on the internet these days. However, many women are unsure how to buy these branded sunglasses for women as well as where to buy them safely online. Our simple guide aims to help you find the best sunglasses at affordable prices.


    If you are keen on branded sunglasses online shopping, then you must consider the following brands. They are after all the trendsetters in the market.


    Foster Grant Sunglasses


    Foster Grant makes sunglasses for men and women and they have been producing some of the best sun shades since they started mass producing them in 1929. They are the first brand to make sun shades.


    Revlon Sunglasses


    Revlon is a famous multinational cosmetics giant famous for its line of cosmetics and personal care products along with incredibly fashionable designer sunglasses for women. Revlon sunglasses are available with a Coolwinks discount at reasonable prices.


    Reebok Sunglasses


    Reebok is the world’s biggest and most acclaimed brand for high performance sportswear for athletes. But, did you know that they also made some of the best eyewear in the market as well? Check out their collection which is available at a discount on Coolwinks.


    LA Express Sunglasses


    LA Express takes roots in the fashion hub of America; Los Angeles. Their collection is purely made up of trendy and contemporary frames and spectacles. Excellent quality, very durable and highly fashionable branded goggles for ladies at affordable prices.


    JRS Sunglasses


    New kid on the block but a trustworthy name in Europe. JRS has been around since 2012 delivering high quality sun shades and eyewear for men and women. Their latest collection for women is simply superb. They are well priced and offer comfort and superior style.


    Tips on buying branded goggles for ladies in India


    • If you are buying sunglasses be sure it matches your face and conforms to the shape of your face.
    • Buy branded sunglasses for ladies based on your needs not simply to match your outfit.
    • Sunglasses with a rating of UV400 will protect your eyes against 99% UVA and UVB rays of the sun which are known to damage eyes under prolonged exposure.
    • Purchasing branded sunglasses for ladies online is a great way to save money and get the perfect sunglasses for any occasion.
    • Coolwinks discount is available on branded sunglasses online shopping and you can use a coupon to get your favorite sunglasses at a great price.
    • Remember cheap sunglasses frames are usually made of plastic.
    • Durable frames are made using acetate, metal or even Titanium. However, is usually quite expensive.
    • If you are hypoallergenic then go with Acetate or Titanium frames. They are the best for anyone with a sensitive skin.

    Don’t hesitate when it comes to purchasing personal items such as sunglasses. Nothing comes close to your sunglasses when you aspire to achieve that perfect celebrity persona that you always desired.

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