• Top 3 Sports Sunglasses to Enhance your Sports Performance

  •  Manish  | : March 10, 2017, 1:01 a.m.
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  • Would you wear the same party outfit to an official meeting? No, right. It applies to your eyewear also. For a sports activity, your eyewear has to be very different from what you wear in your daily routine. Sports sunglasses are more than just shades. They look bold, have a cool design, available in quirky colors and are specially designed for enhancing sports performance. 


    Below are the three main and specific types of men and women’s sports sunglasses that you need if you are a sports lover.


    1. Sunglasses for high-altitude sports


    Sports goggles designed for high-altitude sports have following features:


    ?  They are light in weight

    ?  The wrap around shaped sunglasses provide maximum protection to eyes from dust, wind, etc., in fast moving sports

    ?  Some have flex nose design keeps the eyewear intact on your face during heavy winds

    ?  Consist of adjustable temples for a firm hold

    ?  Some also have anti-fog feature that keeps the glasses clear in foggy environment


    2. Sunglasses for cycling


    ?  These are crafted to cover a wide area of your face i.e., from temple to temple and cheeks to eyebrows, leaving no room for dust to enter your eyes

    ?  Available in chunky rim designs and semi-rimless designs

    ?  Feature polycarbonate lenses because they are more durable and their surface is scratch-proof

    ?  Polarized lenses in cycling sunglasses eliminate glare, giving you with a clear vision

    ?  Wrap-around rubber temples ensure these sunglasses don’t slip away from your face, allowing you to concentrate on your performance


    3. Sunglasses for swimming


    ?  Most inexpensive of the lot and come in unlimited colors

    ?  Give clarity of vision while you are under water and make you swim better

    ?  They are designed to save your eyes from the sun and chlorine content found in the pool water

    ?  Swimming goggles allow you to wear contact lenses 


    Besides these, there are various other types of sports eyewear like sunglasses for running, motorcycle riding sunglasses, etc. that you can shop according to your requirements and sports that you indulge in.


    If you are looking to buy one for yourself, then head to Coolwinks, India’s one of the popular online stores which deals in all sorts of eyewear. You can shop branded sunglasses at Coolwinks offered in latest styles by brands- JRS, Reebok, Foster Grant, and more.


    In addition, there is a complete range of spectacles in all frame types:

    ?  Full rim frame

    ?  Half-rim frame

    ?  Rimless frame


    So, browse through the catalog and start shopping.

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