• Top 3 Reasons to Carry Sunglasses on a Flight

  •  Manish  | : Jan. 9, 2018, 6:07 p.m.
  • top reasons to carry sunglasses on a flight
  • We’ve all faced bright sunlight on a day-flight, especially when you are on the window seat and the UV rays are falling straight on your face. This makes carrying sunglasses a necessity on an airplane. Understandably, celebs who flaunt sunglasses on airports have more reasons to wear them and go incognito other than hiding their tired eyes or no make-up days. Here are the top reasons on why should you carry Sunglasses on your next air-trip just like they do.


    1. To Reduce Exposure to UV Light


    Sunglasses are a must if you’re boarding a day flight. Even when it’s winters and too foggy on the ground, it will be shiny bright over the clouds post take-off, as you get closer to the Sun. Imagine the scene in summers when Sun is at its peak. There are very high chances that you will be exposed to harmful UV rays and glare. Make sure you take sunglasses which block 100% UVA & UVB rays for best protection.


    to reduce exposure to uv light


    2. To Eliminate Visual Fatigue


    The intensity of sunlight increases at plane’s flying height, making it hard for the eyes to concentrate outside. Especially on long haul flights, this can become a reason for squinting, visual fatigue and headaches. Sunglasses prevent this condition by eliminating harmful glare and giving you better contrast and vision. Choosing the right lens tint also works wonders in providing a comfortable visual experience.


    to eliminate visual fatigue


    3. To Sleep Well


    It may sound a little amusing but when you are in a long-flight and are looking for some good sleep, light coming from the windows can really annoy and irritate you. Especially, when there’s someone unwilling to shade the window panels down. With sunglasses, you can enjoy your uninterrupted sleep and be in the do-not-disturb mode for as long as you like. Make sure they offer snug fit so that they don’t fall off from your face while you’re dozed off.


    to sleep well

    So, the next time your get on a plane, make sure you carry your branded sunglasses in your hand-baggage for easy reach. This will ensure you travel comfortably and enjoy the views with zero-hassle. Shop fashionable and affordable sunglasses from brands like JRS, ELITE and LA Express on Coolwinks.com for best experience.

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