• Tips For A Safe & Blissful Diwali

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 6, 2018, 12:46 p.m.
  • a safe & blissful diwali
  • The festival of lights is just right in the alley and is knocking on the celebratory door for all of us. This beautiful festival is one of the biggest occasions in this vibrant country and is a time when everyone from different walks of life comes together. Joined by the moment and the countless memories which are to follow, Diwali’s meaning goes well beyond the obligatory definition of a festival. But, with so much delight on offer, we have to make sure that the excitement stays that way. Yes, we are talking about how one instance of carelessness can taint the very decorum of this wonderful festival. To keep the revelry momentum completely in your favor, here are a few tips to ensure that your Diwali is full of blasts.


    Say ‘No’ To Crackers


    Well, we’ll just say it outright. Bursting crackers is simply not a great idea. Apart from the lingering danger always present with them, the pollution created (both noise & air) takes a heavy toll on the environment and its habitants. As per recent environmental reports, crackers simply aid & abet in the decreasing quality of air which eventually becomes harder to breathe in the winter season which follows. So, be responsible in your celebrations and choose a more organic way to show your love for this festival.




    Opt For Cotton Clothes


    Because of its properties, cotton doesn’t catch fire easily. Choose cotton clothes over cheap synthetic ones as they’ll protect you from unwanted injuries.


    opt for cotton clothes


    Don A Classic Eyewear


    Score on both fashion & protection with a smart pair of eyewear. Guarding your vision against glare reflected from the surroundings & harmful particles in the air, a fine pair of sunglasses does the trick for you without compromising on style. Speaking of selecting a classy pair, log on to Coolwinks.com. Housing crafty looking eye gears for festivals and beyond, eyewear from Coolwinks is designed to capture your cheerful spirit.


    don a classic eyewear


    Supervise Those Around You


    Diwali involves a lot of decoration in the form of rangolis, lightings, and lamps. In such a scenario, make sure that everyone around you, especially children are supervised to tread lightly around the fire.


    Keep A First-Aid Kit Handy


    A first-aid kit comes very handy if you need to provide medical attention to minor injuries and burns. Especially in cases, where the help might take some time to reach.


    keep a first aid kit handy


    Have Safety Measures In Place


    Jubilation during such time can be amplified. For a festival designed around lights, make it a point that you have a fire extinguisher and blankets ready if the need arises. No matter how slim the chances are – it is better to be safe than sorry.


    So, with all being said, we sure hope that the festivity this season lasts longer and brings in immense joy to your face. After all, it is during times such as these that we celebrate the very essence of togetherness. Here’s wishing you a very happy & momentous Diwali!

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