• Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Friendship Day

  •  Manish  | : Aug. 4, 2019, 8:28 p.m.
  • Gift Ideas For Friendship Day
  • The first Sunday of every August is celebrated as Friendship Day in many countries including India. On this day people share their care and love for their friends by exchanging friendship bands and gifts. While these including flowers and greeting cards, are the most common gifts, what if we tell you we have a thoughtful alternative which is also purposeful.


    This Friendship Day give something memorable to your friends & showcase your love and care for them in a unique way with Coolwinks Eyeglasses & Sunglasses. Here are some of the options.


    • Photochromic Eyeglasses


    Have a ‘traveller with glasses on’ as a friend? Then try gifting a pair of stylish photochromic eyeglasses, from our bestseller collection. These come with photochromic lenses which easily adjust to the surrounding light and darken as soon as sunlight falls on them. Indoors, these remain clear for perfect sight. Another great thing is that your friend won’t have to carry two pairs of glasses wherever he/she goes. This gift will surely make them say #HowCoolIsThat.


    Photochromic Eyeglasses


    • Computer Glasses


    What can you gift a gadget-geek when you are on a budget? Thinking of another gadget or digital device? Don’t stress. Computer Glasses will surely be an excellent choice. You friend will surely thank you for the feeling of crisp and clear, stress-free vision for a long time rather than once for a gift which they may already have. Coupled with blue light blocker lenses, these will protect the eyes from harmful screen glare and can even be worn by people who have no eye power.


    Computer Glasses


    • Power Sunglasses


    Sun-glare can be irritating for someone who wears glasses all the time. If you have a friend who faces the same problem, gift them a pair of prescription sunglasses. These not only will give them protection from UV rays and lend a perfect sight but will also add the missing cool quotient to their ensemble under the Sun. Cool isn’t it? Afterall, what are friends for.


    Power Sunglasses


    Need more useful gift options in eyewear category? Visit Coolwinks.com and browse amongst the range of 4000+ eyeglasses and sunglasses from popular collections such as Graviate by Coolwinks, JRS by Coolwinks and XSTYL by Coolwinks.


    Wishing you and your friends a very Happy Friendship Day!

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