• Things You Should Know About Myopia, Hyperopia and Presbyopia

  •  Manish  | : June 12, 2017, 6:23 p.m.
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  • Aging is a process which brings many changes in a human body over time and that vary from person to person. But, one body part which is majorly and commonly affected by aging is the eyes. Due to age degradation and also may be due to some eye diseases, vision health starts going down. Like, because of the aging of the lenses, the length of the eyeball and shape of the cornea are affected. This further obstructs the light from an object from focusing on the retina, a thin layer at the backside of the eyes which enables the eyes to see. All this results in three kinds of refractive errors- myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.


    Symptoms of Refractive Errors


    Blurred vision is the most common symptom which is an indicator that you might be having either of these eye problems that need to be corrected. While other symptoms include frequent squinting, headache, eyestrain, and double vision.


    Understanding the Myopia, Hyperopia and Presbyopia



    Also known as near-sightedness, myopia is a condition that disables you from focusing on distant objects but you can clearly see the objects that are near to you. This is a common problem among children aged between 8-12 years and often progresses with age.



    Also known as far-sightedness, hyperopia is a condition in which your eyes are able to focus on and see distant objects but disable you from seeing objects clearly that are close to you.



    Due to aging, when the lenses of your eyes lose flexibility, it causes presbyopia. This obstructs your eyes from seeing small things like words and you can’t adjust your focus between near and far objects.


    It is advised that you keep a regular check on your vision health to minimize the risk of severity of eye-related problems. If not corrected at the right time, may worsen the condition.


    But there are ways to correct these problems- through eyeglasses, contact lenses and surgery. The safest of the three is eyeglasses, however, contacts are also a good option and they offer a broad area of vision but may increase the risk of infection.


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