• Things to Know About Polarized Sunglasses

  •  Manish  | : March 26, 2017, 1:19 p.m.
  • things to know about polarized
  • With so many types of lenses available in the online market today, it becomes confusing to find the right ones. But, the most popular and essential ones are polarized lenses. These are specially coated lenses featuring a chemical film that reduces the glare caused when sunlight is reflected off from horizontal surfaces. This glare can be disturbing to the eyes and obstructs your vision. This is why it is recommended to wear polarized lenses that will neutralize the glare, enabling you to see clearly.  


    Polarization: How It Works


    Whether it is summer or winter season, sunrays are always surrounding you when in outside environment. When these rays hit a flat surface, a reflected light gets back to your eyes, causing glare that not only distorts your view but also reduces your depth perception, leaving you blind for a few seconds.

    Now you must be thinking of how polarized lenses actually contribute to this. So, here is how they work. Unlike regular sunglasses that only reduce the glare reflecting in your eyes, polarized sunglasses absorb horizontal light waves with the help of that special chemical coating. This enables you to see flawlessly without any discomfort.


    Choose a high quality pair of sunglasses having polarized lenses and it will benefit you in so many ways:


    • Eliminates Glare


    Glare literally blinds you for some time. So, when you wear polarized sunglasses, they eliminate the glare by blocking reflections and increase the chances of safety. Because when you are in a situation where glare is entering your eyes, it can cause a lot of discomfort and you will suffer major vision problems, especially when you are driving during daytime or simply crossing road.


    • Increases Visual Clarity


    Polarized sunglasses enhance contrast and so everything appears clear. They are ideal as daytime accessories. But when it comes to night driving, skiing or viewing LCD screens, polarized lenses are not appropriate.   


    • Outdoor Sports


    Although, there are few sports that do not require polarized sunglasses, but if you are an angler or a boater, you will have to wear them.

    • Reduces Eye Strain


    Eyestrain, which is a side effect of glare can be avoided only if you wear polarized sunglasses. Which further reduces the chances of irritation in the eyes, fatigue and headache.

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