• The Four Types of Optical Frames for Men and Women

  •  Manish  | : Sept. 15, 2017, 11:37 a.m.
  • the-four-types-of-optical-frames-for-men-and-women
  • If you think about the most delicate organ in your body then it has to be your eyes. They work throughout the day, more than your hands and feet. They undergo a lot of stress and need to be taken care off well. If you wear eyeglasses, you know the importance of good lenses and frame because your vision needs to be corrected so that you are able to see comfortably and better.


    But choosing the right eyeglass frame is sometimes a difficult task. Specially, when you want it to be extremely comfortable, stylish and in the best fit. So, here is a list of the four frames available in eyeglasses for men and women.  


    1. Full Rim Frames



    These are the most durable and robust frames due to full rim design around the lenses. These work well for most of the prescriptions and a give a bold appearance to the wearer’s face. From sleek to thick, these are available in all sorts of frames.


    2. Rimless Frames



    For a simple, sophisticated and a little mature look, rimless frames are best. Those who wear spectacles for a prolonged period, these frames are a good option as they are lightweight as compared to the full rim eyeglasses. Also, they add a minimalistic to the face. 


    3. Semi-Rimless Frames



    A hybrid of the above two styles- semi-rimless frames are neither heavy nor too light. The upper half of the frame is surrounded by a rim which can be of metal or acetate. They are available in many color options too.  


    4. Half-Eye Frames



    Yes, they are just half of the regular frames. In these, the bridge sits low on the nose allowing you to read properly or do something where high detail is needed. And they are designed for reading purposes only. They are portable and can be carried in your pocket as well.  

    At Coolwinks.com, you can shop eyeglasses online in all these types of frame designs for both men and women. Brands offering these optical products include Gravitate, XSTYL and JRS. With crazy eyeglasses offers, you can save on your favorites too. So, head online and start splurging in fashionable and branded eyeglasses online. 

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