• The basic ‘Do’s & Don’ts of having an eyewear

  •  Manish  | : Feb. 14, 2019, 11:07 a.m.
  • having an eyewear
  • If you are one of those who finds it a bit of a stretch when considering the do’s & don’t of having eyewear, well, you can thank us for bailing you out. In this write-up, we are going to highlight some key factors which will help you immensely irrespective if you already have eyewear or are considering to buy a new one. These key points true to its titular subject are aimed at simplifying the prospect of owning a pair of eyewear. So, without further ado – let’s catch up with the essentials.


    The Do’s


    Always Consider The Face Shape


    Yes. The basic & the most important of them all, remember to choose a frame which complements your facial aesthetics to the best. For this, you can consult your local optician or choose a frame from an online portal which suits your face the best. For instance, a retro square frame is a perfect match for those with round & oval-shaped faces and a pilot frame is ideal for square-shaped faces.


    consider the face shape


    Safety prior to fashion


    Sure, classy eyewear makes us look cool but its major purpose is to enhance our sight. Never go for a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses which deliver more on the style front than the protection. Even if your vision is free of any aberration, make sure that your zero power glasses or sunglasses offer some sort of shield for your eyes. In eyeglasses, you can select zero power computer glasses to avoid the harmful effects of blue rays when engaged with digital devices & in sunglasses, you can opt either for tinted or polarized lenses when stepping out in the heat. For those with a prescription, don’t worry, style is never out of the equation for you with online portals like coolwinks.com.


    safety prior to fashion


    Take Care of Your Glasses


    Yes. Your eyewear needs special care long after you’ve bought them. Regular cleaning of the lens ensures that no dirt settles over long use. Keep your spectacles or sunnies in a hard shell box if not in use. If not for the box, just make sure that you do not keep your eyewear with the lens facing down. This increase the chances of lens getting scratched on the hard surfaces like an office desk.


    care of your glasses


    Always Have Additional Pairs


    There is no harm in having some additional pairs in your wardrobe. On a rainy day, it will give you an option to rely back on if in case you accidentally break them. They also come in handy when one feels like raising their fashion quotient.


    additional pairs


    The Don’ts   


    Don’t Settle For Low-Grade Quality


    You’ll end up paying double the amount in repairs which you might save from choosing second-graded eyewear. Always make it a point to choose premium eyewear. Such incisive decision-making rewards you in the form of long-lasting performance, a durable built and a terrific look.


    settle for quality


    Always Get a Prescription First


    Though the internet has made our lives fairly simple, giving us a gateway to almost every tangible knowledge we can take in – there are still a few things that should be left to the judgment of wiser people. In this case, the prescription. Always consult your optician before ordering your eyewear or prescription sunglasses. The idea is to get a gear which is in complete line to the thought of bettering one’s vision.


    prescription first


    Handle Your Glasses With Care


    With the introduction anti-scratch coating & anti-breakage material lending some peace to eyewear application, one must still be careful when handling their sight aids. Ensure that you keep them in a safe place and not lying around in a potentially dangerous environment. Keep them clear from any fire or water agents and avoid any rough handling to keep their longevity intact.


    glasses with care


    So, here you are. The basic guide for what to do & not to do when having a pair of eyewear.    

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