• The 3 Most Common Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Eye Drops

  •  Manish  | : March 28, 2017, 12:02 p.m.
  • Advantages and disadvantages  of using eye drops
  • Eye drops and ointments are used to soothe various eye problems. Purposes range from giving moisture to the eyes to correcting glaucoma or a pink eye. There are a number of other reasons for using eye drops as medicines. But before using them, you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Because if you thought, using eye drops frequently is the solution to all eye-related problems then, you might be wrong.


    Here is a list of some advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind while using them.




    1. Offer moisture to your eyes- For anyone with dry eyes, eye drops are the best and instant way to replace the lost moisture of the eyes. If you have dry eyes, you can use medicated drops to correct the problem. If the problem continues, it will leave you with a burning sensation and blurred vision.  
    2. Used to deal with several eye related problems- Eye specialists prescribe eye drops in cases of corneal transplant, eye allergies, LASIK eye surgery, and glaucoma.
    3. Easy and convenient than pills- Eye drops are compact and easier to manage than pills or injections.




    1. Not for everyone- Although, they are used to soothe away various eye diseases and conditions but they are not for everyone. Many people do not feel any improvement in their eyes even after using eye drops repeatedly. And, the repeated use of these drops can put you in financial trouble as you will keep buying them and will also hurt your eyes. 
    2. Can cause allergic reactions- While certain eye drops are not meant for every patient, there are some that may cause allergies in the eyes. That is due to their chemical ingredients that trigger allergies in many people, causing severe irritation and excessive dryness.
    3. Improper use may lead to complications- Use them as directed keeping in mind the following safety precautions. If you miss any of these, there may be complications and your eye problem will worsen.


    • Before using eye drops, wash your hands properly to protect your eyes from the bacteria.
    • Ensure the dropper does not get in contact with the eyes, lashes or eyelid.
    • If there is a separate dropper and it touches the eye, do not use it again, throw it and buy a new one. If you insert that again into the bottle, the liquid will be contaminated.
    • Never use anyone else’s ointment
    • When you are using eye drops, refrain from wearing contact lenses. Seek your doctor’s advice on this.


    Never compromise in your eyewear too. Be it lenses, sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses. Visit your eye specialist for regular check-ups and maintain healthy eyes. If you are looking for any kind of eyewear product online, head to Coolwinks.com. It is an online shopping portal which deals in eyewear.

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