• Stock-Up These 3 Eyewear Styles Before 2018 Comes

  •  Manish  | : Dec. 19, 2017, 4:05 p.m.
  • stock-up these 3 eyewear styles before 2018 comes
  • The year’s coming to an end and it’s time to give a little makeover to our optical wardrobes for 2018. 2017 was all about reds, rounds and retros while 2018 will have everything subtle and striking for your eyes. From purple as pantone color of the year to return of the 80s in the game, the upcoming year brings minimalism to turn the tables. 


    Fashion-forwards have started to predict what’s going to trend in the coming months and we are all ears. What’s better than shopping when it comes to new year? We’ve just got a couple of reasons to do so.


    1. Purple-Purple Everywhere:


    Yes, go for shades of this color - from lilacs to mauves, ultra-violet to who knows maybe - millennium purple – just like a counterstrike for millennium pink from last year. Should you go for sunglasses or eyeglasses? Well, we say both! Get everything from purple-tortoise eyeglasses to purple tinted lenses in sunglasses and be the one to gracefully take this trend forward.


    purple purple everywhere


    2. Stick to Pastel Palettes:


    Stick to near neutral, soft color tones this year when it comes to eyewear. Pick from shades of pink, mauve and blues for best looks and pair them up with coral, peach, white and light golden outfits. Round frame shape has become a versatile staple of this year and 2018 will see a lot of it for sure. Which means you can go for round eyeglasses or sunglasses without any worrying.


    stick to pastel palettes


    3. Retro is Back for Good:


    Don’t be scared imagining the over-the-top 80s pop colors and retro shapes. 2018 will bring a fresh and refined version of the era. Oversized frames with futuristic patterns and geometric shapes like square, oval, round or butterfly are here to stay. Also, transparent frames are not going anywhere soon which means you can bank on them too. Cat-eye shape and sporty styles will also give new eyewear-goals to many in the coming months.


    retro is back for good


    Don’t wait for everyone around to go eyewear shopping before you. Be quick and shop for exclusive sunglasses and eyeglasses for the coming season from Coolwinks.com and shape the trend your way this 2018!

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