• Specialty Glasses & Their Benefits

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 24, 2020, 11:45 a.m.
  • specialty glasses and their benefits
  • We all have someone in our family who is 40 & above and experiences vision problems. They might be suffering from presbyopia and you wish to help them experience the best quality of vision along with comfort. This is where the specialty eyeglasses come into action. Let’s learn about these eyeglasses in this blog.


    • What are specialty eyeglasses?


    Specialty eyeglasses differ from the bifocal lenses since they have three different fields of vision: near, far, and intermediate. Plus, the image jumps usually associated with the bifocal lenses are not present with the specialty eyeglasses. These eyeglasses offer an uninterrupted vision to the wearer. The change between the near, far, and intermediate fields of vision are seamless.


    what are specialty eyeglasses


    • Benefits to be enjoyed with the specialty eyeglasses


    These glasses allow the wearer to see comfortably and clearly at different distances without having to switch glasses. Just a single frame for all vision needs.


    The line separating the fields of vision in bifocals often causes distraction and the wearers take a long time to get adjusted to them, often experiencing fatigue. However, that’s not the case with specialty eyeglasses. With a smooth transition from one field of vision to another, the chances of experiencing eye fatigue are reduced.


    benefits to be enjoyed with the specialty eyeglasses


    Anyone who is suffering from presbyopia can make use of these specialty eyeglasses and experience the best quality of comfortable vision. Coolwinks.com brings stylish and affordable specialty eyeglasses that are made from the highest quality of materials to offer you a lasting eyewear experience.

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