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  • Six Eyewear Shopping Online Tips for Men

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 17, 2016, 11:49 a.m.
  • Many times men find it confusing to shop clothes, accessories or designer wear for themselves. When it comes to eyewear shopping online men tend to stumble even more. It helps to be very careful when it comes to online shopping. Because don’t want to have a single bad experience.


    Men who like to shop for eyewear glasses online like to get things right at the first attempt itself. So we have compiled a few tips that you can keep in mind while shopping online for eyeglasses. 


    How to buy Eyewear for round face when shopping online?

    It’s quite easy in theory and in practice. Online shopping is possible through your laptop or your mobile phone. Websites now cater to audiences who love to shop from different electronic devices, not just laptops. If you have a round face then you just need to be keep in mind that:

    • Round face shapes are best complimented by cat-eye, rectangular and square frame styles.
    • These look great on a curvy face structure, often enhancing the facial features.
    • Cat-eye or Square frame styles gives you a handsome look, further improving and enhancing your image.
    • If you go shopping online for round men’s eyewear then look for websites that are dedicated to eyewear sales. Avoid marketplaces.


    Which are the top men’s eyewear brands in the world today?


    The number one brand today amongst all men's eyewear brands is undoubtedly Foster Grant. They are one of the oldest eyewear makers in the world. However, LA Express and  Reebok are your best bet when you want to buy high quality spectacles for yourselves.


    Select the correct eyewear glasses frames when online shopping


    Many men often find themselves in a sticky situation when it comes to eyewear shopping online because they lack confidence. However, when you are selecting eyewear glasses frames keep the following in mind:

    • Eyeglasses frames come in three sizes.
    • Small size fits small or petite faces (narrow or oval faces)
    • Standard or Medium size frames suit slightly bigger faces.
    • Large size eyewear glasses frames suit people with wide facial features.


    Where to buy men’s designer eyewear?



    The best website for buying men’s designer eyewear in India is Our website is the fastest growing website with the largest collection of designer sunglasses, eyeglasses and prescription eyewear in the country.


    What is the best site to order when Eyewear shopping online?


    At CoolWinks, our sole purpose is to help you select the best eyewear glasses frames with the least amount of problems or confusion. Our customer care agents are trained optical experts who are waiting for your call. They will gladly assist you with any query or troubleshoot your problems with placing an order or shipment of your purchases.


    How do I buy cheap Reebok sunglasses online?

    Reebok has recently introduced new collection exclusively for those who engage in eyewear shopping online. If you are shopping online then you are at the right place as has the best collection of Reebok sunglasses online. You can browse through comfortably from your computer or your mobile phone anytime and place your orders conveniently using our safe payment gateway.

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