• Should You Wear Sunglasses in Monsoon

  •  Manish  | : July 17, 2020, 5:01 p.m.
  • should you wear sunglasses in monsoon
  • Sunglasses in monsoon?? Must sound crazy right? Like why would you need to wear sunglasses in rain? People might come up with the question that is it safe or important to wear sunglasses during monsoon when there is no Sun or UV rays. So read on and be surprised.


    Myth 1: It’s A Cloudy Day – Who Needs Sunglasses!


    UV rays are always present even if we cannot see the Sun. Despite the cloudy sky, the Sun still emits UV rays and the raindrops often reflect a huge amount of the sunlight directly to your eyes. So, wearing sunglasses even when it’s cloudy outside is essential.




    Myth 2: There’s Plenty of Day Light, I Can See Everything Clearly.


    During a heavy downpour, you can have a tough time getting a clear view of what’s ahead of the road. Plus, the lights from the incoming traffic, reflected via the rainwater at high speed can impact your eyes. Having a pair of high-quality polarized sunglasses can work out in this situation. Not only would the help in blocking the glare but would also eliminate the changes of any mishap on the road.




    Myth 3: Sunglasses Are Meant Just For Style.


    Wearing stylish sunglasses during monsoon does add up to one’s style statement too. However, wearing sunglasses can also guard your eyes against infections such as itchiness, conjunctivitis, and eye irritation that are quite common during monsoon. Plus, they also prevent direct eye contact with a person suffering from any eye infection. And while walking down the road, vehicles might accidentally splash the rainwater on you. Here, the sunglasses would act as a shield between your eyes and the dirty water.




    To conclude, it can be aptly said that wearing sunglasses during monsoon is beneficial. However, make sure you to always go for the high-quality sunglasses. In case you feel any vision distortion on the car’s dashboard, it is advised to remove sunglasses or wear the right ones. With a wide range of sunnies available, including power sunglasses, you can choose your style at Coolwinks.com and keep your eyes well-protected during monsoon.

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