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  •  Manish  | : May 30, 2019, 11:24 a.m.
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  • First thing first, this write-up has nothing to do with the academics. In fact, it surfaces a point about those who are tagged a certain way. Remember the words ‘nerdy’ and ‘geeky’? Well, it’s about them & how their fashion was essentially considered a second-tier approach to one’s outlook. Now, the times have changed & how. Today, the nerdy & the geeky are the new gamechangers - looking to capture the essence with their own take, with what was considered a strictly studious look. Simply said - putting a new spin on the ‘Kent Clark-ish’ avatar is the goal on everyone’s mind.


    One way to pull off such a gaze is by the careful selection of charming eyeglasses. Your eyewear not only enhances the facial features that you have but also ensures a strong footing in the styling brain of a bookworm. The frames we are listing down are aimed to provide you with the maximum billing for your new-found appearance. So, let’s get ready with the charge.


    Get the Ball Rolling with Round Frames


    Round frames are the ideal way to start your tryst towards fashion goals. Evoking the most classical appeal – round frames are the gear you need to raise your stakes. A terrific fit for those with square & oval-shaped faces, these glasses get your style gig going on the right track and is a sure shot way to get an acclaimed recognition.


    round eyeglasses frames


    Lining it up straight with Rectangle Frames


    These specs outline your measured personality for the biggest of events. Unboxing the groove for the most happening and the charismatic you – these rectangle eyeglasses never let your verve miss a foot no matter where you go. A must for those with round & oval-shaped faces, these are the spectacles which don’t need an “on” switch to weave their magic.


    rectangle eyeglasses frame


    Upswept Styling with Cateye Frames


    This one is for the ladies who brighten up the day with their fantastical vogue appeal. Having a nuanced texture is a tough ask - especially in the day & age of viral trends. But, not all is gloomy when you have the classy cateye frames to the rescue. Featuring an awe-inspiring design which never lets your admirer’s gaze off for even a second, cateye frames are the treasure especially designed for the ladies with round & heart-shaped faces. The textured patterns & the presence of brighter colors in the offering has made cateye frames, one of the most stunning takes.


    cateye eyeglasses frames


    Here you go. The splendid options which are a powerhouse in their own magnificent way & perfect for a quick & stylish makeover. These are the gears which invoke the very essence of the thoughtful look which nowadays is ruling the styling charts. Our advice is pretty simple - make the most of your new outlook, revel in the spotlight & change the game with Coolwinks Eyeglasses.

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