• Safe Riders Sunglasses are the Best Motorcycle Glasses in India

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 1:23 p.m.
  • motorcycle riding sunglasses
  • They are made by Sensations an American company. They are photochromic sunglasses which are perfect if you need eyewear solution that works great indoors and outdoors. One of the most ideal sunglasses for riding motorcycles. These biking glasses are comfortable and come with photochromic lenses. We’ll tell you more about their features in this article.


    What are prescription motorcycle glasses with transition lenses?


    Photochromic word comes from a combination of Greek words, ‘photos’ and ‘chroma’ which means light and color respectively. These intelligent lenses change color with exposure to the UV rays of the sun. These eyeglasses darken substantially in response to UV light and the tint is darkest when you are outdoors under direct exposure to sunlight and lighten to complete transparency when you are indoors with zero UV light radiation.


    • These lenses were initially developed in the 1960s to fill the need for transition lenses in the global online market.
    • Modern lenses for transition glasses are made using polycarbonate or plastic instead of silver chemical base which react to UV light differently.
    • Photochromic motorcycle glasses can offer different levels of protection against the sun based on your needs.
    • Some photochromic lenses can get their tints to be progressively darker and they make the most ideal sunglasses.
    • Safe Riders sunglasses exhibit these qualities and that’s why they are the best motorcycle sunglasses in India.
    • You can order these sunglasses with your desired prescription and it will serve your needs perfectly.


    Night goggles for bikers


    The beauty of transition lenses is that they are completely transparent at night. That makes the best sunglasses that you can possibly wear inside your helmet. These clear night riding glasses provide you the best visibility.


    Benefits of Safe Riders Sunglasses


    • Since their tint turns darker progressively, they are ideal when you set out on your early morning rides.
    • They absorb 100% of UV radiation that could otherwise potentially damage your eyes.
    • These sunglasses are also recommended as Harley Davidson sunglasses as they are perfect for riding your favorite brand of cruiser motorcycle.
    • It’s the perfect solution for you if you have switching between your tinted sunglasses and clear prescription eyewear.
    • You can enjoy your motorcycle ride and concentrate on riding instead of worrying about sunlight in your eye and distracting you necessarily on your ride.


    Bonus Tips


    • If you are planning to buy Safe Riders sunglasses don’t wear them inside your tinted helmet visor.
    • The photochromic properties won’t work as intended as the light is already being blocked partially by the tint on your helmet visor.
    • But your helmet visor may not provide your protection from the sun.
    • If you love taking your kids for a ride, then consider buying sunglasses for them with transition lenses as it will be helpful in protecting their eyes as well.


    Coolwinks is regularly offers up to 65% discount on Safe Riders sunglasses for bikers. You can get these prescription motorcycle glasses at very affordable prices. If you are specifically looking for Harley Davison Sunglasses, then you can ask our customer support agents to confirm which photochromic motorcycle glasses will suit your style the best.

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