• Quick Tips To Get Relief From Computer Eye Strain

  •  Manish  | : July 16, 2020, 3:25 p.m.
  • relief from computer eye strain
  • The usage of computers, laptops & mobile phones is increasing day-by-day and has planted its root in almost every aspect of our lives. With the increasing usage, more & more people are experiencing what is referred to as Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The symptoms associated with this include eye discomfort, fatigue, blurry vision, headaches, & red eyes.


    In this blog, we would go through a few easy steps that would help you to reduce the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome.


    Go for a complete eye check-up: It is one of the first & foremost steps that you should take. A regular eye examination would help you tackle not just computer vision problems but also any other eye-related issue that might appear in the future. During the examination, tell the doctor digital screen exposure i.e. the duration of usage in case you have redness, tiredness or headaches often.


    complete eye check up


    Ensure proper lighting: Eye strain results when the eyes get exposed to excessively bright light coming from the screens. Also, using bright lights indoors can lead to pain in the eyes. Therefore, if possible, position the screen/s in such way that the windows are facing the side rather than the front or back of the monitor. Plus, try to use low-intensity bulbs or tubes as a means of the light source.


    ensure proper lighting


    Upgrade the monitor: If you are still using the styled monitor, replace it with the modern LED/LCD screen. The LED/LCD screens nowadays, have anti-reflective features. Plus, these screens come with the most advanced display configurations that might reduce the chances of eye strain and fatigue. And, go for a large display with the diagonal screen size being at least 19 inches.


    upgrade the monitor


    Adjust the display settings: The display of the modern-day monitors/screens can be easily configured with just a touch of a few buttons. Adjusting display settings can help reduce fatigue and eye strain. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color temperature to get the perfect display setting as well as comfortable viewing.


    adjust the display settings


    Use high-quality computer glasses: Presently, computer glasses have become a popular choice among computer users. It’s a great alternative for people who don’t wear eyeglasses but need to protect their eyes while using computers. These special glasses can be fitted with zero power as well as prescription lenses. The lenses of the computer glasses reduce the incoming reflection as well as glare, thus preventing eye strain and fatigue.


    use high quality computer glasses


    With these simple steps to follow, you can surely reduce eye strain, fatigue, and other symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. And if you are planning to get computer glasses, go for the ones available at Coolwinks.com. The computer glasses & blue light blocker eyeglasses at Coolwinks are perfectly crafted to guard your eyes against screen harm.

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