• Prescription Sunglasses and Their Benefits

  •  Manish  | : Oct. 9, 2017, 2:03 p.m.
  • benefits of prescription sunglasses
  • You have heard about prescription eyeglasses and fashion sunglasses. They both serve different purposes. But power or prescription sunglasses are something that most of you are either unaware of or don’t opt for them. They are a hybrid of prescription or power eyeglasses and sunglasses. So, let’s understand more in detail about their working and why you need them.


    How Do Prescription Sunglasses Work?


    Prescription sunglasses work

    Prescription sunglasses have an inbuilt corrective prescription into the lenses. This means they shield your eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun, cut down the glare, helping you see clearly. They are convenient too. For those of you who wear lenses, these special sunglasses can work as a great alternative in case you are staying outdoors where wearing lenses is not practical. This also eliminates the need of carrying a separate pair of sunglasses along with eyeglasses and vice-versa.


    Benefits of Using Power Sunglasses


    What makes these sunglasses a must-have accessory is its benefits offered to you if you are a spectacle wearer:


    1. Power sunglasses for men and women are available for all kinds of corrective prescriptions. Plus, there are many options in lenses available as bifocal and progressive lenses.


    using power sunglasses

    2.When it comes to swimming, these sunglasses are also available as prescription swimming goggles that not only provide you safety from the water getting into your eyes but also enable you to see clearly and comfortably.


    benefits of using  power sunglasses

    3. A wider range of frame styles is available in power goggles. This includes round frame sunglasses, pilot, retro square, wraparound frame, and nearly all the styles that are available in fashion sunglasses.


    power sunglasses

    4. Talking about the types of lenses, you can choose from a range of lens materials while going for power sunglasses. Like, high-index, trivex, polycarbonate, and regular plastic.


    power sunglass

    These are some of the common advantages that a pair of prescription sunglasses offers to you. And now you can shop sunglasses online offered by different brands. Since it is an eyewear product, make sure you go for the right size and frame shape.


    Coolwinks.com is an online eyewear platform which brings to you a vibrant, stylish and affordable collection of eyewear including eyeglasses, regular branded sunglasses and power sunglasses for men and women. So, browse through the catalog and find your perfect one. With sunglasses offers, you can also save a lot on your purchase.

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