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  •  Manish  | : Nov. 17, 2016, 6:46 p.m.
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  • Eyeglasses are a popular accessory amongst men and women and also the best and safest way to correct your vision. They come in various shapes and styles today. You will probably need eyeglasses for round face if you have a round face and it can be confusing when you start searching for the best perfect pair. We’ve made this simple guide to help you find the best eyeglasses that suits your face shape and comfort level.


    How to select eyeglasses for round face shape easily?


    Round faces are often characterized by very distinguishable features such as the forehead and jaw are generally slightly narrower than other facial shapes. This results in fuller chins that are rounded and gives the face its rounded look. A round face is also similar in its length and its width which makes it easy to determine if a face is round or of a different shape.

    Eyeglasses frame for round face can be bought online as there are reliable websites like Coolwinks selling excellent eyewear for men and women.


    Which brands make eyeglasses for round face?


    Brands such as Xstyl, Xstyl First and Graviate are popular for making eyeglass frame for round face male. EBD and Xstyl make excellent eyeglasses for round face female. However Xstyl and Xstyl First make excellent eyeglasses for round face for both sexes.

    • Buy frames from these brands as they are lightweight and sturdy.
    • They will last you many years as they are use high quality materials in construction.
    • Xstyl, Xstyl First and Graviate are known for using acetate in certain eyeglass frames construction as this material is light weight and hypoallergenic.
    • Hypoallergenic eyeglass frames are suitable for anyone with a sensitive skin that is prone to allergies.
    • They have excellent collection of eyeglasses for round face shapes online.


    How to Select Eywear for Round Face?


    Coolwinks.com is an exclusive online eyeglasses shop in India that is dedicated to sales of high quality and affordable eyewear for men and women. Coolwinks website is designed to be easily navigated and you can search for the eyeglasses you need to buy.

    • Select your choice of frame styles, materials and colors.
    • You can choose to purchase prescription lenses if you need them.
    • Specify if you want polarized lenses or photochromic lenses for your eyeglasses for round face.
    • Eyeglasses for round face comes with a case and cleaning cloth during purchases.
    • Cheap eyeglasses for round face is available and high quality lenses to go with them.
    • Hassle free shipment and delivery as well as good customer support throughout the week.


    Coolwinks customer support is considered amongst the best in the country.


    • They will help you identify the products in case you are unable to find it yourselves.
    • They can help you determine you face shape accurate so you are able to decide on the best frame styles as per your needs.
    • Call for assistance anytime during your purchase or after if you have any query or need some help with your order.

    Our highly rated support will offer any assistance you need to purchase eyewear for round face.

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