• Mistakes We Make With Our Eyes

  •  Manish  | : July 1, 2020, 11:21 a.m.
  • mistakes we make with our eyes
  • We all know how important our eyes are. We rely on them for everything from the moment we wake up until we get back to sleep at night. But many times we tend to neglect our eyes & the care they deserve. Here, we will learn about four commonly made mistakes that can harm our vision and what exactly should we do to care of our sight.


    #1 Staring At The Digital Screen Throughout The Day


    Everyone owns a digital device today, be it a computer, laptop, or a smartphone. And be it for work, games, movies, or simple browsing, we keep our eyes glued to the screen most of the times at home. Even eye specialists have comment that too much of staring onto the digital screens can be harmful to our vision. This is because of the blue light emitted from the screens. This blue light disrupts sleep, leads to headaches, blurred vision, red eyes, watery eyes, and many other vision related problems in the long run.


    staring at the digital screen throughout the day


    #2 Touching & Rubbing Our Eyes


    No matter how hard we try, unconsciously we all tend to make the mistake of touching or rubbing our eyes too much. This happens mostly due to a sudden itching sensation or when something suddenly falls in our eyes causing an uncomfortable experience. Too much rubbing can lead to inflammation and cause read eyes. Also, rubbing the eyes with unwashed hands increases the chances of transmitting various germs, viruses and bacteria to our eyes. Thus, leading to various eye infections.


    touching and rubbing our eyes


    #3 Not Wearing Protective Eyewear Outdoors


    This mainly points to the fact that people often avoid wearing Sunglasses when going outside. Prolonged exposure to the UV rays can lead to various eye problems such as eye burn, retina damage, and even cataracts. Even though people wear sunglasses during the summer, they neglect the same during the winter or when the weather is cloudy. But we should keep in mind that UV rays are always present hence it becomes imperative to protect our eyes at all times with 100% UV Protected Sunglasses.


    not wearing protective eyewear outdoors


    #4 Being One’s Own Eye Expert


    It is quite natural to us – being our own doctor. Thanks to the world wide web. We often neglect various eye problems and opt for using the home-based remedies to get rid of the pain or strain for the time being. Similarly, we also avoid getting our eyes checked as it can take you to buy a new pair of specs or lenses. And that might mean – more expenses.


    being ones own eye expert


    To keep your vision safe, always wash your hands before touching your eyes. And if you can’t at some point, ensure to use a clean soft piece of cloth. Again, opt for regular eye check-ups since they help in detecting any problem that might cause a major issue later on. And to keep your eyes protected from the blue light & the harmful UV rays, get high-quality computer glasses or blue light blocker eyeglasses for when you’re at your screens and polarized sunglasses when you head outside. These are easily available at Coolwinks.com.


    Remember, the safety of your eyes is in your hands. Don’t neglect constant irritation in your eyes. Consult an eye doctor immediately & wear protective eyewear every day.

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