• Look Sharp with These 4 Best Sunglasses for Men

  •  Manish  | : Aug. 23, 2017, 10:39 a.m.
  • look-sharp-with-the-best-sunglasses-for-men
  • Did you notice that sunglasses have become much bolder than ever, this season? If the answer is yes, then you know where we are heading to and if you don’t, this blog is going to update you regarding the styles that have been introduced to take your fashion quotient up one level.


    There are not just a few but many new styles in men sunglasses that will blow your mind away. If you haven’t grabbed one, it is time to get ready.


    1.The Hybrids



    No, it is not a style or a shape originally. Rather, it is an innovation. A great example is that of round glasses and a Clubmaster style, a cat-eye and horn-rimmed shape. A hybrid brings in two styles at one place. So, if you are tired of listening the same shapes, you can invest in one like this. You can easily find these sunglasses online.


    2.Round Sunglasses



    Around fifty years ago, round sunglasses frames were introduced. And, till date, they are one of the top styles in eyewear. Be it sunglasses or eyeglasses, round shape is favorite of many men and women. You can shop sunglasses online in this shape made in metal and acetate material.


    3.Tinted Sunglasses



    Tinted glasses have made a comeback. A smart way of hiding your tired eyes behind the brightness of reflective lenses. And how about a pair of men sunglasses in clear white acetate with blue tinted lenses for a cooler look?


    4.Double Bridge Sunglasses



    If you talk about the next coolest eyewear trend, it is definitely the double bridge sunglasses. While for some, the double bridge might be just another bar running across the top of the frame, but it adds an extra element of design making the sunglasses looks more impactful.  


    Besides there are many more designs in men sunglasses like tortoise shell frames, flat top sunglasses, the Clubmaster and lots of others. If looking to buy branded sunglasses in these latest styles, explore the collection of Coolwinks.com. Find here sunglasses for men and women from top brands like JRS, Foster Grant, Reebok, etc. Here, you will also find amazing sunglasses offers that let you save and shop more than ever.


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